I Totally Repudiate the Views of James L Miller Who Wants Tribalism and Separation of Races

The United States is strong in diversity. I support sovereign nations but I support diversity. James L Miller Phd. is a fellow who apparently supports banishing Jews and who knows who else from the United States. He is a tribalist. He hates the New World Order, but blames it on Jews rather than Zionists.

But, Zionism is a multiracial cabal of elitists. Jews comprise an entire people. That entire people does not support the Zionists. There are many Jewish  groups that support gun rights, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, cash based societies, peace, and oppose militant Zionism.

And there are many Gentile people who are Zionists, like Dick Cheney, and Joe Biden and the list goes on and on. Some lie and some kill for regime change and the globalist cause. 

It is necessary if we are to oppose the New World Order, that we get it right. If we are wrong, and oppose entire races of people, we are corrupting our message and are stooping to the lows of Dr. Miller. If people want to find his website, it is readily available by searching for it. I don't want to link to it because I find the obvious racial contempt to be disgusting and uncomfortable.

If Dr Miller wants to come here, to this article, he needs to explain himself.

Here is a short list of people I strongly believe are Zionists and who are NOT Jewish:



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