Multigenerational Households Could Benefit from Websites like

This article is not an endorsement of every "job" offer on Rat Race Rebellion  or other work at home websites. You have to be careful when searching for an online job. But for multigenerational households, especially, you can dispense with a car and clothing costs and food costs associated with working outside the home.

An example for one being careful in this arena is my wife. My wife has worked for one of the sites on Ratrace called Arise. Arise is probably one that makes it easier for an older person like my wife to get a job to get through to social security, or to supplement social security.

But Arise makes you pay for the course, for the training, and your sponsor takes a cut out of all earnings! So, Arise is not for everyone.

And one company that Arise offered was dreadful. She now works for a company that is excellent within the Arise network. Arise is a legitimate call center outsourcing company, but it is not right for everyone. Not all jobs there are quality opportunities. Arise is likely not a career builder for most, but is work.

There are other websites on Rat Race that will pay you for training, but those have a competitive crush of potential employees. 

I am certainly concerned with certain wage issues that arise with Arise. There are stronger protections for people who work outside the home. But in her case, age and health make it necessary for her to work part time. That is fine. We are in a multigenerational household with two other relatives, and that income helps. My retirement income and social security just doesn't go far since core inflation does not include food and gasoline, and the consumer experiences inflation in those areas daily. What was a better retirement in 2000 has been weakened in purchasing power by the dark overlords of finance.

That inflation is helped along by immoral bankers who push prices of assets up and by a government that does not step in to stop it. Things are rough out there for the American worker. I have not seen incomes stretch so little in my lifetime.

And fixed income recipients have always had more purchasing power than in the present difficult situation. 

So, rant being over, I encourage people to check out and the scam report here from that same website that will tell you what to watch out for. Don't despair from underemployment, that often plagues families who choose to live together or are forced to live together.


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