Richard "Dick" Cheney Just Threatened Washington DC with Nuclear Annihilation and Coup

Richard "Dick" Cheney, former vice president of the United States was responsible for 9/11. That is what makes his statements yesterday threatening a nuclear attack on Washington DC so damning and traitorous. Cheney basically said that a city in the United States would come under attack, quite possibly nuclear attack, within the decade. He referred specifically to DC, maybe more cities.

Cheney said:

“Imagine what would happen if somebody could smuggle a nuclear device, put it in a shipping container and drive it down the Beltway outside Washington, D.C.,” Cheney added.

 But it is what he said after that that should be a cause of concern to the government of the United States.

Cheney was asked if another attack would lead to "military rule" and the destruction of political life as we know it. Cheney responded by explaining the "continuity of government" program, which he said was set up during the Cold War so a "government in waiting" could be ready to take over if necessary.

So, Cheney is saying a government in waiting could be in the works and the attack on DC could be in the works. This is traitorous talk. Again, had he not been involved in 9/11, it would not be traitorous, just stupid, but he was involved. He is a traitor to the United States. He carries an explicit threat against city of Washington DC and an explicit threat to replace the current government of the United States! 

Wake up America! 

Read my ebook, False Flag Murdering Neocon Crazies if you have any doubt as to Cheney's motive for and knowledge of 9/11/2001.Also learn more about Patrick Clawson from my analysis on his statements to the media. Clawson has been a close neocon associate of Cheney, who also advocated violence, a false flag attack, in order to set of a war with Iran.

The new government would likely be much more pro Israel, and likely partially under the control of Israel. 

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