So Republicans, Will Cheney Warn You Before He Unleashes the Israeli Nuke on Washington DC?

Hey Republicans, will you be caught in Washington DC when Richard Cheney and his globalist war  party, the neocons, unleash an  Israeli nuke on Washington DC? Do you think he will  warn you or do you think he will sacrifice you?

He sacrificed a Fox News female reporter, Barbara Olson, in his 9/11 scheme. So, what makes  you think you will be spared?  It is time  the American government, both republican and Democrat,  wakes up to the  reality of Dick Cheney. We know you know 911 was a conspiracy.  By threatening DC, Cheney has crossed the line.

America needs to come clean on 9/11, and Cheney has made this a necessity. Americans, don't sleep on this issue. I know most of you are a sleepy bunch, and there  are only a few that really realize what has been  going on, with 9/11 and Robbie Parker's bad acting  job in the bloodless Sandy Hook Hoax.

We have been given a 10 year window, folks. There is a chance that Cheney is speaking this way in order to cover his 9/11 tracks, but it is more likely that he hates we do not do exactly what Israel wants us to do with  regime  change in the middle east.

Obama changed the regime in Libya, but Cheney wants  us to  dominate Syria,  Iran and Iraq, at massive human and financial  cost. He is a Zionist, proving you can be non Jewish and still be a Zionist. It is well known that many Jews are not Zionists and see the danger of their mad desire to control the entire world.

The coup will establish Israel's control over the United States, even  more so than exists now.  I sincerely hope I am wrong, but the threat Cheney and his  neocons  pose to our nation must not be underestimated.

Just remember, Cheney threatened this new 9/11 in the context of saying Obama was a weak president regarding the middle east. What clearer sign of intimidation could he give to our nation? 

This was the same evil man who said his V.P. office was not a part of the executive branch of government, giving him the right to destroy all the 9/11 evidence! This was the same man who blasted a fellow hunter with a shotgun. Wake up Americans. Cheney is a killer who wants to kill again. 

Most likely, the scenario that will unfold is that Cheney will get his way, and the US will step up killing in Syria and Iraq, and maybe even Iran, which could lead to nuclear confrontation with Russia. Most likely, Cheney getting his way will cause the death and displacement of thousands as this wicked man makes his lasting imprint upon US foreign policy.

Unless the US military has the will to resist, more Cheney doctrine means more killing, even when he is gone.We face an uncertain future as long as neocon desire for world domination remains the doctrine of the day.

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