The Hate Triangle Between Saudi Arabia, Iran and Israel Demands that We Stay Out of the Middle East

The Middle East cannot be fixed. There is a hate triangle between the Saudis, Iranians and Israelis. That hate triangle is something that cannot be fixed by the United States.

The neocons want to fix it by siding with the Shiites but not with Iran. What are they? Dumb f*cks? How will that work out Billy the Kid Kristol, you gunslinger you?

Whatever the neocons want we need to do the opposite. Saudi Arabia can cut oil supplies to the world and if Russia helps them, drive the modern world to ruin. Just how involved do we want to be, anyway?

But of course, Russia doesn't like Saudi Arabia bothering its friend, Syria, so there is little desire on the part of Russia, at this point, to side with Saudi Arabia.

If you throw in China, the plot thickens, as China could side with Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. Clearly in this scenario, Israel is less important to the USA. That would be a problem for the multiracial Zionists and neocons, who want things done their way.

It looks as though the Sunnis would take over the entire middle east with big bucks Saudi Arabia on the march, financially speaking. But the neocons clearly want some Shiite strength, but without cooperation with Iran. That is ludicrous.

The original Yinon Zionist plan was for the Middle East to explode in local sectarian and tribal violence. But the Zionists' worst fears have come true, that based on religion there are now wide alliances of Sunnis and Shiites that are changing borders. That, and Saudi Arabia's deep pockets, were never in the Yinon formulation when regime change was thought to be the way out for Israel.

Now regime change may ultimately be the catalyst to show Israel and the neocons the door, the way out of the Middle East! Israel seems confused, as it helps the rebels in Syria, who are Sunnis, and yet doesn't want the Sunnis to take over the entire Middle East.

If Israel doesn't know what the F*ck to do, what do we know as a nation? Nothing, absolutely nothing.

Some additional thoughts:

Saudi Arabia warned Iran to stay out of Iraq. The implied warning applies to the USA as well, no doubt. So, we have Americans arming rebels in Syria and those rebels are who we want to fight in Iraq? This gets confusing. Saudi Arabia is hostile to Russia, is our frenemy, is not friends with Israel or Iran. And yet Saudi Arabia is dictating the terms of action in the middle east?

The more I write, the more confusing it becomes. Stay tuned. 

Additional update:

Turns out, Netanyahu just played his hand, saying that we should weaken both sides in the Sunni/Shiite fight. That is Yinon Zionism. That is the plan of Israel and the plan of the handlers of Israel, the Rothschilds. That is the plan of regime change which now extends to Russia, Ukraine, the middle east and whereever the neocons can foment turmoil, chaos and death. 

Even the assassination of JFK by LBJ was all about regime change and was early Zionist impact upon the USA. LBJ was no doubt a Zionist, which is a multiracial cabal of globalists.




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