The Middle Class Is Dying. Less Than Half the People Make Less than $27,520 per Year

 Less than half the people living in the United States of America make less than $27520 per year. There are other signs that the middle class is dying in the United States.

I know it has been said that jobs are nearing the peak of employment in 2008, however I have noticed many empty storefronts and empty small warehouses. This indicates that many entrepreneurs have taken it on the chin, and wages for the jobs replacing these businesses are quite low in comparison.

Also, many illegal aliens have left, given up on the USA. This has actually contributed to the decrease in the circulation of dollars, and prosperity for most of us.

Since the housing market is manipulated, home ownership is not considered a stable means to build wealth. Housing as a store of wealth has become suspect. Perhaps a bubble could help you achieve short term prosperity, but most believe long term prosperity through real estate is not the way to go and is too risky.

This is why I have advocated multigenerational living as a means to try to combat the attack on the middle class from offshoring of jobs and technological advancement. This is a great article that goes into more detail about this decline of the middle class, which is now quite obvious.


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