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Wicked Zionists Booting the Palestinians Out in 1948 at Deir Yassin

The Zionists were brutal killers, and they booted 700,000 Palestinians out through violence and intimidation. They had no right to the land and villages occupied by the Palestinians. The following is a discussion by Morris, who ended up being an apologist for these evil deeds, saying they were little war crimes. I let you be the judge as he talks about the massacre of the Palestinians by the Zionists in 1948 at Deir Yassin. [Benny] Morris writes that the Irgun and Lehi troops loaded some survivors, including women and children, onto trucks, and drove them through the streets of West Jerusalem, where they were jeered, spat at, and stoned.[20] Harry Levin, a Haganah broadcaster, reported seeing "three trucks driving slowly up and down King George V Avenue bearing men, women, and children, their hands above their heads, guarded by Jews armed with sten-guns and rifles."[44] Contrary to Pa'il's account that people from Givat Shaul had helped the prisoners, Mord

If You Are a Zionist You Must Be a Racist

I posted the following at forum: People who are Zionists must be racists. They must support the occupation of the Palestinian people and make arguments that they really weren't a people. They must make arguments that the land the Palestinian people occupied was just sitting there. Unfortunately both of these allegations are false. Zionists must be racists because the history of Zionist leader quotes is filled with racist comments. That a Palestinian state did not exist does not mean the land was not used. According to the British, the land was being farmed, virtually all of it, in the early 1920's. The plan to boot the Palestinians out of the land was originated over a century ago. The racist result of occupation makes Israel a criminal state continually. The settlements and taking of the little Palestinian land left is part of the process started over a century ago. What makes these racists dangerous is that they have the richest men in the world

Exposing the Zionist Plan from Its Origins

Exposing the Zionist Plan from its origins is a daunting task. It has been done and here are a few quotes and a link to the article: Dr Eder, a member of the Zionist Commission is quoted: ‘there can be only one National Home in Palestine, and that a Jewish one, and no equality in the partnership between Jews and Arabs, but a Jewish preponderance as soon as the numbers of the race are sufficiently increased.’ This view, of course, is consistent with Yinon Zionism that I have written about, as well as being consistent with Clean Break. There is simply no room for the Palestinians in Palestine unless they want to be slaves or are made slaves. And this is an ongoing crime. The settlements that are ongoing can be understood in the context of the original Zionism. It is a crime against humanity allowed for decades and one of the great injustices in human history.

The New World Order Attacks Russia Over Oligarch Behavior. Russia Ordered to Pay 50 Billion Dollars My take: Russia will not pay. They will bring the money home. Russia is a sovereign nation. Maybe this will force the oligarchs to withdraw all their money from London and Tel Aviv where they hide it and repatriate it to Russia. I would also like to see some hedge fund take Russian assets and then try to sleep well. Here is the truth:  Khodorkovsky is an oligarch who came in and bought Russia for pennies on the dollar and then didn't cooperate with Putin. He probably offshored too much money to London and Tel Aviv. America has a few oligarchs it needs to corral as well, but won't. But this event unfolding will likely be even more interesting than the attack on Argentina's sovereignty.

Israel Was Furious with UN Investigations of War Crimes So Was Attack on UN School Payback?

Israel was furious with the UN decision to investigate war crimes allegedly committed by Israel. This story was released on July 24, and later on the same day, Israel destroyed a UN safe haven school. Wast this a coincidence? It sounds like a war crime to me. Well, I guess the UN has one more crime, the killing of 40 civilians, to investigate. Even the CNN correspondent, and CNN is a Zionist network, is appalled that this safe haven school would be bombed before moving the people. Fact is, Israel was petitioned twice by the UN to move the people before the bombing and the request was denied. It is time for a cease fire. Israel has no high moral ground, keeping Palestinians prisoners with wages under 2 dollars per day in Gaza. Yes there have been weapons found at these schools, but moving the people would have taken just minutes and the request was denied. The UN has not determined who is at fault, but being denied requests to move the civilians stinks and points towards Israel.

Jews Say End the War on Gaza — No Aid to Apartheid Israel! Jews for Palestinian Right of Return

 Jewish people who have signed a petition calling for the end of US aid to Israel as an apartheid state and calling for the right of return of all Palestinian people forced out of Palestine by the Zionist invasion. Zionism is not Judaism, and anti Semitism is different than anti-Zionism, which is critical of a political movement of Israel and the supporters of Israel abroad, the banker cartel and the neocons among others. Here is the petition: Initial Signers (list in formation; organizations, schools and other affiliations shown for identification only; *Co-founder, Jews for Palestinian Right of Return) Avigail Abarbanel, Psychotherapist; editor, Beyond Tribal Loyalties: Personal Stories of Jewish Peace Activists (2012, Cambridge Scholars), Inverness, Scotland Noa Abend, Boycott From Within Stephen Aberle, Independent Jewish Voices; Vancouver, BC Lisa Albrecht, Ph.D. Social Justice Program, University of Minnesota Anya Achtenberg, novelist and poet;

The Five on Fox News Said Kerry's Peace Process Caused the New War against Israel. So Peace Causes War?

The twisted sisters and brothers on Fox News Five said that the Kerry peace process caused the new war in Gaza. So, making an effort at peace now causes war? Are you serious Fox News?  That is close to the dumbest thing I have ever heard at any time on any news commentary. These same guys think the FAA is making a political decision to keep airplanes from flying into Israel. That is hard to defend considering the one plane that got to Greece and turned around after the missile hit close to Israel's only international airport, Ben-Gurion Airport. So political forces are livid that we are not risking planes to fly to Isrsael. Israel wants world domination and is a racist nation, but political forces don't seem to care in America. The Zionists are out of control here. Now, I wish the violence in Israel would stop. Yet I bet if the Israelis were trapped in Gaza they would have launched sophisticated missiles at their enemies a long time ago. Gaza citizens are trapped, and th

As Airlines Bail on Israel, CNN and Israeli Leaders Look Angry and Betrayed. Too Bad

Airlines are bailing on Israel from all over the world, as missile fire comes close to the Tel Aviv Ben-Gurion International Airport, the only such airport in Israel. Airlines are behaving prudently, yet that behavior has given many sad faces to pro Israel commentators on CNN, particularly Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper. The long faces are a direct result of this action. CNN is lashing out by continually covering this story and is interviewing Israeli officials who are not happy. Too bad, Israel, as now you cannot contain your anger and CNN is projecting your anger like we Americans really care! CNN is making a point of it to show the anger of Israel to the point where you wonder which side CNN is on, the US side or the Israeli side! One such Israel official who is angry is the head of Israel civil aviation. His name is Giora Romm. He conferenced with FAA and gave them assurance that our planes would not be shot down. Yeah, right. The FAA made a decision because the missile land

China Weakens the New World Order by Lending Argentina 7.5 Billion Dollars

China weakened the New World Order by lending Argentina 7.5 billion dollars. Argentina can now default on debt, which is necessary because of New World Order court decisions. Argentina was paying by agreement, most of its bondholders. The New World Order hedge funds, who want to destroy the sovereignty of nations by financial oppression, decided to buy up the debt that was not settled in agreement. They want full payment on the bonds. Led by diabolical ringleader, Paul Singer, the funds want to destroy the sovereignty of Argentina. The wicked US Supreme Court, increasingly a pawn for the New World Order of economic totalitarianism, ruled that Argentina cannot pay the bondholders who agreed to the deal before paying Singer and his vulture pals. Well, if Argentina were to do that, the economy would be ruined as the other bondholders would want that better deal as well. Argentina faced ruin if it obeyed the court and ruin if it defaulted. But now China has come to the aid of Argenti

The Blood of Flight 17 Malaysian Airliner Is on the Hands of the Neocon Zionists from the USA

The Blood of Flight 17 Malaysian Airliner Is on the Hands of the Neocon Zionists from the USA. The Secretary of State Victoria Nuland admitted that the US spent 5 billion dollars leading to the disruption of the political stability of the Ukraine. This money resulted in revolution . This money caused regime change, a pet project the world over of the Neoconservatives who have cursed our once great nation with continual war. Let no one be fooled, our neocons are responsible for this shoot down. They started the chain of events that has resulted in the shoot down of Flight 17, where 298 people died, including 80 children. The air space was a war zone. The separatists shot down Ukraine planes. There was no reason for this Malaysian Airline plane to be in the airspace of a war zone.  Our government has embraced Yinon Zionism. This doctrine is one of regime change in the middle east, but is easily applied to regime change in the Ukraine, and ultimately it will be attempted in Russ

Christiane Amanpour of CNN Is a Rabid Zionist and Cannot Be Trusted in Her Reporting.

Christiane Amanpour is an evil Zionist reporter for CNN. Here she is seen schmoozing with Lord Rothschild, one of the men behind the Zionist project known as Israel. Here is the schmoozing: Understand that Israel is a rogue state with no legitimacy. Israel is not the New Zion that was spoken of by Isaiah in chapter 9. That New Zion was supposed to come in peace. Well, Israel came with guns blazing back in the 40's. It is a fraud, a fake. It ran ahead of God and is not sanctioned by God at all. The nation of Israel is not sanctioned by God and is so called Christian Zionists who support this nation are opposed to the truth of the scriptures. Israel needs to drop any pretense to being Zion and drop the idea that King David and the prophets would in any way support their cause. Israel is under a severe curse, and so is the USA for supporting this nation and embracing the phony holiness. The founder of Israel, David Ben-Gu

Adjustable rate mortgages are a wise choice for borrowers - Really Yahoo?

Adjustable rate mortgages are a wise choice for borrowers - Yahoo Homes And the New World Order drum of toxic lending continues. Wise choice, adjustable mortgages? Really? This is truly one of the most disgusting articles ever picked up by Yahoo News. It is really an embarrassment to Yahoo to carry such economic filth. 

Tea Party Ted Cruz Sleeps with a New World Order Bankster Nightly and Is a Zionist

Being a faithful husband, one would assume, Ted Cruz spends his time sleeping with his wife. Unfortunately, his wife, Heidi Nelson Cruz, is a bankster. Yes, alas, she works for Goldman Sachs, has worked for JP Morgan, works with hedge funds and derivatives. Marriage is sanctioned, but Ted Cruz's relationship with the bankster set is dirty dirty. This is more Republican filth although, as you all know, I view the Democrats as being only incrementally less evil. It turns out that in her bio , she says she was a supply side economic advisor for George W Bush. Or at least that was the dreadful policy of tax cuts and easy money that helped spawn the housing bubble to pay for the Bush illegal wars. What a scummy job that was, Heidi, leading to the housing bubble and crash. Thanks Heidi! Not! Heidi was an advisor to Condi Rice, making her most likely a neocon seeking war in the middle east.  And of course, Heidi is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. She is a New Worl

The Shortage of Treasury Bonds as Collateral Is Here and Now

The predicted shortage of pristine collateral in the repo market is now here. This shortage can cause liquidity problems and bring down an economy. Sometimes the bankers (sters) change the rules and make less pristine collateral work, like bad MBSs in the last housing bubble meltdown. So, hopefully we won't go down the road on that mistaken train again. But the Fed owns too many treasuries and need to stop scarfing them up, because now people are paying interest to get them! I predicted that and it is already coming true. Well, we shall see if treasuries, the new gold, multiply enough to satisfy the financial markets going forward. As a background, we know: Treasury bonds are used as collateral in financial markets, They are the gold of financial markets because the US has never defaulted on the debt. They are in major demand as the deficit shrinks and the th

We Don't Need the Fake Protocols of the Elders of Zion to Prove Zionist World Takeover

There has been, over the years, an onslaught of Zionist debunking of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Certainly, they could have been written by racists or by political operatives who borrowed from legitimate works. They are a proven literary forgery. The protocols appealed to conservatives in Russia. They counted certain government actions, such as helping the poor, as being immoral. The Protocols were likely, according to, an explanation of Napoleonic thinking for world control: A Russian in Constantinople, who had bought some books from an ex-officer of the Russian Secret Police, found among them one in which many passages struck him by their resemblance to the "Protocols." Our Correspondent, whose attention was called to the matter, found on examination that the "Protocols" consisted in the main of clumsy plagiarisms from this little French book, which he has forwarded to us. The book h

Since I Am Watching the World Cup Some Clarification

I am watching a remarkable World Cup Match between talent laden Netherlands and defensive experts Costa Rica. They are in penalty kicks, so I want to clarify my position about the World Cup and Soccer. I am a sports fan. I like to watch athletic prowess in all sports. Soccer is no different than basketball, requiring immense skill at the highest levels. But as I have said, the Eurozone should have only one team. There is one Eurozone. Clearly the World Cup is the New World Order favorite, which is precisely why we should not have nations that have prime ministers replaced by bankster technocrats being equal to other sovereign nations. It just isn't right. But the NWO could care less about right. Still, the current match is very entertaining, with lots of potential goals hitting the crossbar or barely deflected at the last minute. So, enjoy the World Cup but make people aware of differences in sovereign status between the Eurozone nations and nations that are in charge of

Israel Shahak Warned Us of the Dangers of Globalization and It's Religious Underpinning

Globalization in an economic sense is fact. But sovereign national control of globalization is weak. America needs to identify the globalists, their economic and political goals, and their roots. Globalization must be tempered by sovereignty of the nations. The root of globalization has been discussed by a Jewish hero, Israel Shahak. He is a hero to Americans too, if they would just take the time to read him.  In his book, link above, titled Jewish History, Jewish Religion: the Weight of Three Thousand Years , Shahak said: Judaism is imbued with a very deep hatred towards Christianity , combined with ignorance about it. This attitude was clearly aggravated by the Christian persecutions of Jews, but is largely independent of them. In fact, it dates from the time when Christianity was still weak and persecuted (not least by Jews), and it was shared by Jews who had never been persecuted by Christians or who were even helped by them. Thus, Maimonides was subjected to Muslim pers

Anne Coulter's Comments are Lame about the World Cup, but There May Be Substance Behind Them

Anne Coulter is nuts, controversial, crazed, unusual, mantis-like, troll-like, etc. Her latest gaff is that we should not enjoy the world cup because they don't use their hands like American sports. She says a growing US interest in Soccer is evidence of "moral decay". Of course this is lame. The world cup is about one nation versus another in a harmless game, well, if you don't break your head or your knees. The World Cup does not come along that often. Many people are looking to adopt an alternative sport to US football. This is all understandable. Other American sports thrive on the world stage, like basketball. Golf is owned by Scotland but brought to prominence by the USA, so that it is a sport we have adopted and made famous throughout the world. So, Coulter has no argument, but there is something I have felt as being uneasy regarding the world cup.  There is a sense of one world unity regarding the World Cup. Sovereign nations compete against less-than-sove