Anne Coulter's Comments are Lame about the World Cup, but There May Be Substance Behind Them

Anne Coulter is nuts, controversial, crazed, unusual, mantis-like, troll-like, etc. Her latest gaff is that we should not enjoy the world cup because they don't use their hands like American sports. She says a growing US interest in Soccer is evidence of "moral decay".

Of course this is lame. The world cup is about one nation versus another in a harmless game, well, if you don't break your head or your knees. The World Cup does not come along that often. Many people are looking to adopt an alternative sport to US football. This is all understandable. Other American sports thrive on the world stage, like basketball. Golf is owned by Scotland but brought to prominence by the USA, so that it is a sport we have adopted and made famous throughout the world.

So, Coulter has no argument, but there is something I have felt as being uneasy regarding the world cup.  There is a sense of one world unity regarding the World Cup. Sovereign nations compete against less-than-sovereign nations. Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands should have one team. They gave up their sovereignty to the Eurozone. Why can they compete as sovereign nations?

If we want to uphold the sovereignty of the nations in the world cup, only sovereign nations should be eligible. That is where I am uncomfortable with the world cup. The Eurozone should have one team, period. 

This blurb is not a defense of Anne Coulter. She is a New World Order gal. She makes her money on New World Order media. She won't do the right thing and tell the whole truth. No, she will just troll around the edges. Sad. 


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