As Airlines Bail on Israel, CNN and Israeli Leaders Look Angry and Betrayed. Too Bad

Airlines are bailing on Israel from all over the world, as missile fire comes close to the Tel Aviv Ben-Gurion International Airport, the only such airport in Israel. Airlines are behaving prudently, yet that behavior has given many sad faces to pro Israel commentators on CNN, particularly Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper. The long faces are a direct result of this action.

CNN is lashing out by continually covering this story and is interviewing Israeli officials who are not happy. Too bad, Israel, as now you cannot contain your anger and CNN is projecting your anger like we Americans really care! CNN is making a point of it to show the anger of Israel to the point where you wonder which side CNN is on, the US side or the Israeli side!

One such Israel official who is angry is the head of Israel civil aviation. His name is Giora Romm. He conferenced with FAA and gave them assurance that our planes would not be shot down. Yeah, right. The FAA made a decision because the missile landed within one mile of the airport.

But Romm is not happy with the logic of the FAA. The FAA should not reconsider this decision.

So, in Israel now, we have that nation saying rockets are falling everywhere and claiming poor, poor Israel. On the other hand we have Israel saying shame on you airlines for thinking it is unsafe. Come to Israel! Well, which is it, Bibi? 

There is a certain justice in this decision by the FAA and world governments to ground their planes going to Israel. The Zionists, in my opinion, were the root cause of Flight 17 being shot down in the Ukraine. If the Zionists in America had not paid for the revolution in the Ukraine, that plane would not have been shot down. Now the Zionists in Israel are brutally killing hundreds of women and children in Gaza.

There is a justice in these flights being stopped. There are hundreds and thousands of women and children being slaughtered by Israel, and being made homeless, and by their global cabal of Zionist associates. 

Israel is a militant nation not keeping step with the biblical prophets who came before and who predicted a Zion of peace. In Israel, we have no peace. In the world, because of the international Zionist cabal, we have no peace.

For more information about my position regarding the Zionist multiracial cabal see my ebook on Amazon entitled Wicked Zionism.


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