China Weakens the New World Order by Lending Argentina 7.5 Billion Dollars

China weakened the New World Order by lending Argentina 7.5 billion dollars. Argentina can now default on debt, which is necessary because of New World Order court decisions.

Argentina was paying by agreement, most of its bondholders. The New World Order hedge funds, who want to destroy the sovereignty of nations by financial oppression, decided to buy up the debt that was not settled in agreement. They want full payment on the bonds. Led by diabolical ringleader, Paul Singer, the funds want to destroy the sovereignty of Argentina.

The wicked US Supreme Court, increasingly a pawn for the New World Order of economic totalitarianism, ruled that Argentina cannot pay the bondholders who agreed to the deal before paying Singer and his vulture pals. Well, if Argentina were to do that, the economy would be ruined as the other bondholders would want that better deal as well.

Argentina faced ruin if it obeyed the court and ruin if it defaulted. But now China has come to the aid of Argentina, no doubt sensing that this world order threatens all nations, including China if it were to fall on hard times.

Clearly this loan to Argentina weakens the New World Order in its efforts to be totalitarian in the realm of finance. I have called this New World Order the new Roman Empire, where membership requires nations, including the USA, to give up some sovereignty. The Zionist globalist cabal of the elite (which includes people from all races), is hellbent of world domination, both by financial means and by regime change in the world, from Iraq to the Ukraine.

This New World Order is blind to the dangers of its aggressive madness, and puts our once great nation, a sovereign nation, in danger, as well as the whole world with possible nuclear exchange.

The Argentinian agreement with China also includes an 11 billion dollar swap agreement between the central banks of the two nations.

Argentine president, Christine Fernandez said that agreement provides

"stability in exchange rates at the moment we are, as a country, suffering speculative attacks by vulture funds."
It certainly appears that China is making friends and doing business, while the USA is making war and enemies and is furthering an agenda that is not in its national interest. Shame on us, so speak out  Americans!

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