If You Are a Zionist You Must Be a Racist

I posted the following at Patrick.net forum:

People who are Zionists must be racists. They must support the occupation of the Palestinian people and make arguments that they really weren't a people. They must make arguments that the land the Palestinian people occupied was just sitting there. Unfortunately both of these allegations are false. Zionists must be racists because the history of Zionist leader quotes is filled with racist comments.
That a Palestinian state did not exist does not mean the land was not used. According to the British, the land was being farmed, virtually all of it, in the early 1920's. The plan to boot the Palestinians out of the land was originated over a century ago. The racist result of occupation makes Israel a criminal state continually.

The settlements and taking of the little Palestinian land left is part of the process started over a century ago. What makes these racists dangerous is that they have the richest men in the world backing them.
Even people who claim to not be racist here in America are racist Zionists and support this occupation while the whole world says no more occupation. Our congress is, to a man, racist in support of the Zionist cause.

Zionism is supported by many, or should I say, virtually every ethnic group in the elite reaches of the USA and the UK and throughout the world. There are black Zionists (David Sowell comes to mind), anglo Zionists, Jewish Zionists, Muslim Zionists (Fareed Zakaria to name one), Russian oligarch Zionists, Democrat Zionists (Nuland married to Kagan comes to mind and Biden), Republican Zionists (Cheney, Jeb Bush, Sarah Palin to name a few).

All these Zionists are fabulously wealthy, and they don't care if America is taken over completely or not. Zionism is based on a concept that is not biblical. The New Zion was to come in peace the prophets said, yet the atheists who founded Israel founded a fake Zion. It is all about political power and they use religion to solidify that power when they have to and don't bother when they don't.
Zionism is racist because of the Palestinian occupation, because the black Ethiopian Jews are treated less than equals, because the Arab Israelis are treated less than equal, and because the blacks who have moved to Israel for economic reasons and have even started businesses are now being trampled by the right and subject to major abuse.

Zionism is racism through and through, and if you are a Zionist, you must be a racist. If you oppose Zionism and its racism, you should not be a racist and if you are, you are scum.



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