Israel Was Furious with UN Investigations of War Crimes So Was Attack on UN School Payback?

Israel was furious with the UN decision to investigate war crimes allegedly committed by Israel. This story was released on July 24, and later on the same day, Israel destroyed a UN safe haven school. Wast this a coincidence?

It sounds like a war crime to me. Well, I guess the UN has one more crime, the killing of 40 civilians, to investigate. Even the CNN correspondent, and CNN is a Zionist network, is appalled that this safe haven school would be bombed before moving the people. Fact is, Israel was petitioned twice by the UN to move the people before the bombing and the request was denied.

It is time for a cease fire. Israel has no high moral ground, keeping Palestinians prisoners with wages under 2 dollars per day in Gaza. Yes there have been weapons found at these schools, but moving the people would have taken just minutes and the request was denied.

The UN has not determined who is at fault, but being denied requests to move the civilians stinks and points towards Israel.


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