Since I Am Watching the World Cup Some Clarification

I am watching a remarkable World Cup Match between talent laden Netherlands and defensive experts Costa Rica. They are in penalty kicks, so I want to clarify my position about the World Cup and Soccer.

I am a sports fan. I like to watch athletic prowess in all sports. Soccer is no different than basketball, requiring immense skill at the highest levels. But as I have said, the Eurozone should have only one team. There is one Eurozone.

Clearly the World Cup is the New World Order favorite, which is precisely why we should not have nations that have prime ministers replaced by bankster technocrats being equal to other sovereign nations. It just isn't right.

But the NWO could care less about right.

Still, the current match is very entertaining, with lots of potential goals hitting the crossbar or barely deflected at the last minute.

So, enjoy the World Cup but make people aware of differences in sovereign status between the Eurozone nations and nations that are in charge of themselves. Even they are losing control to the central banksters, and this bodes ill, but they have more independence than the Eurozone nations.


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