Tea Party Ted Cruz Sleeps with a New World Order Bankster Nightly and Is a Zionist

Being a faithful husband, one would assume, Ted Cruz spends his time sleeping with his wife. Unfortunately, his wife, Heidi Nelson Cruz, is a bankster. Yes, alas, she works for Goldman Sachs, has worked for JP Morgan, works with hedge funds and derivatives.

Marriage is sanctioned, but Ted Cruz's relationship with the bankster set is dirty dirty. This is more Republican filth although, as you all know, I view the Democrats as being only incrementally less evil.

It turns out that in her bio, she says she was a supply side economic advisor for George W Bush. Or at least that was the dreadful policy of tax cuts and easy money that helped spawn the housing bubble to pay for the Bush illegal wars.

What a scummy job that was, Heidi, leading to the housing bubble and crash. Thanks Heidi! Not!

Heidi was an advisor to Condi Rice, making her most likely a neocon seeking war in the middle east. 

And of course, Heidi is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. She is a New World Order bi*ch.

Now we find out Ted Cruz opposes US ownership of our national parks and public lands. I would call the sleaze bucket a traitor, but he is a Canadian.  He wants the US government to own less than 50 percent of the land in each state, subjecting the government to a forced sale of national parks or other public land to the states or to private greed mongers.  

Cruz is a Zionist for sure.


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