The Five on Fox News Said Kerry's Peace Process Caused the New War against Israel. So Peace Causes War?

The twisted sisters and brothers on Fox News Five said that the Kerry peace process caused the new war in Gaza. So, making an effort at peace now causes war? Are you serious Fox News? 

That is close to the dumbest thing I have ever heard at any time on any news commentary. These same guys think the FAA is making a political decision to keep airplanes from flying into Israel. That is hard to defend considering the one plane that got to Greece and turned around after the missile hit close to Israel's only international airport, Ben-Gurion Airport.

So political forces are livid that we are not risking planes to fly to Isrsael. Israel wants world domination and is a racist nation, but political forces don't seem to care in America. The Zionists are out of control here.

Now, I wish the violence in Israel would stop. Yet I bet if the Israelis were trapped in Gaza they would have launched sophisticated missiles at their enemies a long time ago. Gaza citizens are trapped, and they are caged in an open air prison. Fox refuses to acknowledge that.

Fox News wants to change that perception that it is dawning on Americans that Israel is an oppressor. Too bad for you, Fox News. You are like the guy pushing the rock up the hill, with little success of keeping it on top of that hill.

So, even a New World Order rag like Reuters has it right, conditions suck in the Gaza strip and did so before any offensives. 1.5 million people are jammed against their wills in a city a bit smaller than 12 miles by 12 miles! There aren't the high rise elegant apartments of New York City in that squalor.

Most Gaza residents live on less than 2 dollars per day. 

So, conditions have motivated radical responses, not an effort at peace. Fox News, you are more worthless than the other Zionist rags, CNN and MSNBC!

The population of Gaza will double in 20 years. The population of Gaza is not being address by Israel except to kill a few of the citizens who live there. Israel was a mistake. It is incredulous to me that Hertzl didn't find a place for the Jews that was void of potential continual war!

Well, we know that the Zionists decided to take Palestine with violence. And that was nowhere taught in the prophets of the Old Testament. This was a man made desire to occupy Palestine.

The most odious member of odious The Five, is a supposed liberal, Bob Beckel, who is a disgraceful human being. He wants war and support of Israel like the liberals do on MSNBC. Rachel Maddow of MSNBC comes to mind. He is a racist and made racists comments about Chinese citizens recently as well.

These people support apartheid in Israel which makes them racist. They are racists. And they aren't racist here, yet, but they overlook racism, making them supporters of racism.

These people need to judge themselves. The are odious racists. And so is Israel racist.

Disclaimer: Zionism is a multiracial cabal of elite operatives. Zionism seeks world domination and exaltation of Israel. My ebook Wicked Zionism, on Amazon, explains my views more clearly.


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