Wicked Zionists Booting the Palestinians Out in 1948 at Deir Yassin

The Zionists were brutal killers, and they booted 700,000 Palestinians out through violence and intimidation. They had no right to the land and villages occupied by the Palestinians. The following is a discussion by Morris, who ended up being an apologist for these evil deeds, saying they were little war crimes. I let you be the judge as he talks about the massacre of the Palestinians by the Zionists in 1948 at Deir Yassin.

[Benny] Morris writes that the Irgun and Lehi troops loaded some survivors, including women and children, onto trucks, and drove them through the streets of West Jerusalem, where they were jeered, spat at, and stoned.[20] Harry Levin, a Haganah broadcaster, reported seeing "three trucks driving slowly up and down King George V Avenue bearing men, women, and children, their hands above their heads, guarded by Jews armed with sten-guns and rifles."[44] Contrary to Pa'il's account that people from Givat Shaul had helped the prisoners, Mordechai Gichon of the Haganah wrote on April 10 that they had taken part in what he called the "torture" of the prisoners, referring to their being kicked and shoved with rifle butts.[45]

If anyone thinks that the Palestinians left their homes willingly or because they were paid, this shows otherwise. They fled for their lives from the butcher Zionists. 

Please note that Zionism is a political movement. It is not a religious position, and these Zionists who founded Israel were atheists.

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