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Putin Says Don't Mess with Russia, Decides to Arm Iran with Nukes for Proxy War

Vladimir Putin says he has had it and warned the US not to mess with him. So he has decided to arm Iran with nukes. After all, and this is sound strategy in my opinion, it is better to limit the nuclear holocaust to the middle east only. Putin's plan to fight a proxy war with nukes is brilliant. Millions of people will die, but maybe there won't be enough fallout to make people in Russia and the USA sick, except maybe for the children and elderly, and we can live in peace as the US sees just how crazy it would be to surround Russia. This policy will make a lot of people happy. The eugenics wackos will see population reduced by millions. The Palestinians will finally get revenge on Tel Aviv, although they will be dead too. Russia will get a really good price for oil and finally, for nat gas. The Jihadists in Europe will have no land to fight for and no Israelis to fight against so they will happily go into selling insurance. A lot of people will be unhappy. T

America Projects Evil Empire Desires onto Putin. Putin Says US Has Personality Disorder

The United States government, or America as it will be called here, has projected its own evil empire-building desires onto Vlad Putin. Putin, the Russian leader who is feeling besieged by NATO's efforts to surround him, said this yesterday: The US government is full of crap. I am regional and Obama even said so. I only want my little part of the world. Then Obama was told by the New World Order to get focused and now the propaganda media of the America says I want to take over the whole world. They say I want to take over Finland, the Baltic nations, and Poland, and beyond, and it isn't true. I just want my half of the Ukraine. After all, America paid for the revolution that deposed my guy. You MOFO's are plain crazy, Big O. You are projecting. You need therapy for the psychological disorder of your nation. Don't mess with this nuclear power! In response, today, Obama warned Putin by saying: I know we Americans don't have any leverage, Vlad, but we have t

Will Rogers' Ghost Haunts Wall Street Forever Because a Dollar Down Sucks

Will Rogers' ghost haunts Wall Street forever. What he said in the 1920's and 1930's could have been said today. He predicted the housing bubble by this statement. Imagine a house is a dog bone and you get the picture: The time to save is now. When a dog gets a bone, he doesn’t go out and make a down payment on a bigger bone. He buries the one he’s got. I wrote a serious ebook about Will Rogers, but his quotes have an eye twinkle behind them. The book is Will Rogers from Great Depression to Great Recession.  It includes my interpretations. I think they were good, but that is for the reader to decide. Most people don't want to hear about Will Rogers talking about hanging bankers and the like. Too bad for them. They won't ever understand the man. Will Rogers was funny when he said that he was speaking to ten thousand bankers but knew there were at least 20 thousand more, but they were all in jail. Thanks to Will Rogers Today website, we have this

The Onion's Wimpy, Chicken S**t Political Satire ignores Dick Cheney's False Flag Guilt

The Onion is Wimpy, Chicken S**t Political Satire. Dick Cheney is not subjected to real, sustained  criticism, as evil as his heartless soul is by the satirical website. I will talk about that. But, never trust a website that won't let you comment. Just don't do it! I realize that the Onion must feel that half the people who would comment don't know crap about political satire and think that the articles are mostly about the truth with no fiction thrown in. I know it is the other way around. I get it. Well, I got news for you. Yes, the American people aren't too smart when it comes to satire. I can't even get my own wife excited about satire. She likes romance books. It is all fluff. We need Americans to understand satire!  I love her anyway. But that still doesn't mean that the Onion writes good satire. Some is good, but please, take on the controversial subjects. Don't be a wimp. The Onion only wrote a few articles about the 9/11 conspiracy, o

Greg Gutfeld of Fox News Is Neither Satirical nor Funny

Greg Gutfeld, currently residing in the hell hole that is Faux, or Fox, News, is neither satirical nor funny. He is as funny as the knuckle sandwich I would like to deliver to his mouthy mouth. Just kidding Greg! You will die of smoking so I won't need to kick the crap out of you. Just kidding again. It isn't like me to be this aggressive. He brings it out of me, the dark side. I am sorry from the bottom of my heart. I believe in peace, and that is the truth. But, he is such a pill. He is a big, choking hunk of a pill. Gag me with the San Fernando Valley, why don't you Greg? The guy has been compared by his moronic colleagues to Rod Serling. Well, he may be a little scary, but he is certainly no Rod Serling. No, Gutfeld is annoying, nasty, and Gutnoxious , to be exact. Gutfeld is like a hyper disseminator of misinformation, a hyper Bill O'Reilly but not as sophisticated. Now, Rod Serling was anti war, anti racist, and ethical. Greg Gutfeld, when denying a New Wo

Jamie Dimon Screwed the American people and all the Thanks He Gets is Throat Cancer

Jamie Dimon screwed the American people in the financial crisis, and all the thanks he gets is throat cancer. The J.P. Morgan CEO bragged that his bank actually benefits from downturns. Makes you wonder if there is a cancer of the heart. If there is, he would certainly be deserving of that. The pain of the financial crisis should leave a mark on the American people and their children. They should not forget what the banks did. The formula for pricing risk of mortgages defaulting at the same time was wrong. It was thought up by a J.P. Morgan employee before Dimon got to the bank. Thinking there is no risk of toxic and cancerous loans being at risk of all going bad at the same time created the biggest housing bubble in the history of mankind. And boy, did Jamie Dimon and JPM (stock symbol) profit from the cancer that ate away at the middle class of America, leaving it in shambles even years afterword. In truth, J. P. Morgan was a major cancer upon the United States and even the wo

Former NBA Great World B. (Louis) Freeh Was Involved in Tragic Accident. Not Basketball Related

Former NBA Great and FBI director World B. (Louis) Freeh was involved in a tragic single car accident in Vermont. Mr. Freeh was also well known for slam dunking Joe Paterno in the infamous Penn State investigation. The merciless Freeh, who held an 80 year old football coach accountable for the pervert of Happy Valley's deeds, had been outspoken in his glee that Paterno died due to the stress of the whole situation. Louis Freeh, it turns out, was not half the man Paterno was. You see, Freeh supported terrorists as head of the FBI, for years. Robert Wright, FBI agent, has said that Freeh was a smudge on the backside of American politics. Judicial Watch said that Freeh framed an innocent man, Richard Jewell, for the Atlanta olympic bombing. This is just a short list of odious deeds done under Freeh's watch. Freeh was too big to flush down the toilet, but he certainly was not invincible. Now let us not be naive. It is possible that he made an enemy of the Clintons. He was

An Update: My Permanent Repudiation of David Duke.

Update: David Duke has come out supporting Donald Trump in February, 2016. Trump is an obvious bigot and David Duke has not progressed beyond this. There is no point in continuing this article since Duke has said we are "traitors to our heritage" if we don't support Trump. That is absurd as a man with a PHD can get, I assure you. No more time wasted on David Duke. Trump is not a cultural savior, because the US culture is strong based on diversity and tolerance. Duke has no sense of America as it is, a tolerant nation with people from diverse backgrounds. IMO, Trump is not interested in opposing globalism, because he himself is a globalist! He will disappoint anyone who thinks he will be opposed to dark issues of globalism. God's grace is stronger than any need for a superious culture based on race or on European descent or on any such thing:

Pressure Builds within the Fed to Fake the American Recovery so Interest Rates Can Be Raised

Pressure builds within the Fed to fake the American recovery so interest rates can be raised. Of course, the news sources say it is to more clearly acknowledge improvements in the US economy. Well, how can you more clearly acknowledge improvements in the US economy without faking it? Lol. What do they take us for? A bunch of fools, that's what. You know why interest rates need to be raised some? Well, it is because the collateral offered in the swaps trades is not paying enough interest! This is of, by and for the banks, this whole QE and interest rate dance. The shortage of treasury bonds is the key here. The shortage of bonds results in the price going up for them and it results in trades not being settled without enough bonds. Higher interest rates means fewer bonds are needed as collateral. If the Fed acts too soon, when the economy is weak, as it is, they are found out for the little scam they are running. Americans think the Fed is a government entity and is workin

Judaism Attempts to Repudiate Zionism, Only to Be Put Back into Its Place for a Short Time

Leaders of Judaism attempted to distance themselves from Zionism, seeing that the Zionists are mostly atheists and were from the beginning, and seeing the cold blooded killing of children in Gaza, as gruesomely witnessed by veteran reporter, Chris Hedges. But they were repudiated by Israel itself, who said the Jewish leaders were a bunch of hypocrites. Netanyahu personally scolded the Jewish leaders, saying that Judaism believes in the Talmud, and it is racist as hell. Bibi said, look at your Talmud boys, and you will see that the Gentiles are less than human. Animals are better. And look at us, leaders of Judaism. We Israeli leaders are carrying out that Talmud and we are extending racism and Jewish superiority to levels never reached before. We control the government of the United States, for Moses' sake! Just so you know, Moses would not approve of the racism of Zionist Israel or of Talmudic Judaism. So, after the Bibi scolding, the Talmudic Jews who "hate Zionism&

Netanyahu Wonders Out Loud How He Can Make Holocaust Survivors Into Anti-Semites

Bibi Netanyahu wondered out loud to his advisers recently that the holocaust survivors are making too much trouble for Israel. He called a meeting of his top confidants to map out a course for blaming the survivors for their anti-Semitism since they are opposing Israeli policy in Gaza. Bibi was overheard saying, and I paraphrase, that we atheistic Zionists didn't survive the Holocaust by staying and facing Hitler. No, it is because we got out while others were left behind. So these Holocaust survivors and their families mean nothing to us! We have to make them into anti-Semites! Well, word got out and the average Israelis were offended by Netanyahu's comments. They understand that being anti Zionist cannot make these people anti Semitic. They are the essence of what it means to be Jewish. The Israeli policy of making anti Zionism into anti Semitism by encouraging the people to think they are exactly the same, is widely known.  Anyway, Bibi got mad and tweeted a finger at

Six Links that Prove the Fed May Not Be in Control of the Repo Markets

Here are four links that you should bookmark, showing the Fed board of directors not being in control of the outworking of the derivatives repo market. They may have an ace up their sleeves, but you have to wonder what it would be. Read these articles in order and you will get a sense of what people in the know worry about at night regarding the markets: The outcome could be dreadful f

This Article Vindicates My Claim that Scarcity of Contracts and Churn Drives Up Commodity Prices

I have spoken before on this blog about the scarcity of contracts. The bankers control the contracts and the commodity can be abundant but the contracts hard to come by. I have described the trades as a churn, originating in the Square Mile of the UK, even done manually for stocks before the electronic manipulation. Well, here is an article that explains contracts are indeed at the heart of the control of the commodity markets. The author, Jeff Nielson, says that 50 percent of the CME contracts are simply fake. They exist to move prices one way or another. The regulators are corrupt in allowing these high speed manipulations of contracts to take place. There exist lawsuits and expert secret witnesses to unwind this massive scam, but I would bet that the courts are corrupt as well, and I don't expect much to change in this scam of skimming profits off the top by the elite globalist cartel. Billions of phony trades are crucial to screwing mainstreet in all that we pay for buil

Lindsey Graham Comes Out of the Closet, Finally! His Friends Are Shocked!

Senator Lindsey Graham is known as a pro Israel, pro war, senator who probably was picked on as a kid. Lindsey Graham is also the mouthy guy who said this about Republican prospects for the future: “The demographics race we’re losing badly. We’re not generating enough angry white guys to stay in business for the long term.” Well, now we have reports that Mr. Graham has come out of the closet. This has shocked his friends so much that they are afraid of the consequences! You see, Graham has a video game complex installed in his closet. He plays games primarily focused on killing US enemies in the Middle East. One such game has to do with Iraq and Syrian foes armed with US weapons and then get out of line. Graham said, and I quote: "Kill 'em if you arm 'em!"  That reminds me of the late and great Marge Schott's alleged quote about cigarettes, "smoke 'em if you got 'em". Graham's friends are worried, because he came out of the c

Department of Homeland Security Is Involved in Ferguson Mo. Cuz Merica Must Be Morally Bankrupt Like Israel

That Department of Homeland Security is just everywhere. Now news reports place the Department at Ferguson, Missouri, and some say it is doing more than arming the police to the teeth. In fact, it is likely that the Department wants to foment race war. Locals have backed off on their nightly attacks as rumor spreads among them that Homeland Security wants white people to hate blacks more than they already do. Donald Sterling, the former LA Clipper owner, stripped of his ownership for racism has been retained as a consultant for the Department. He said that since Israel treats their blacks like hell, the Department sees nothing wrong with that policy being applied in America. We can't be better than Israel, Sterling opined. After all, the Department of Homeland Security, formed after 9/11 by many Zionists, protects the homeland of Israel first. Since Israel is racist, the Department has felt that American values should be more racist as well. The Us versus Them mentality of

The Keystone Cops of Ferguson, Missouri and the Racism That Results

Tragedy makes it difficult to find humor. We know that the parents and relatives of Michael Brown  will never get over the loss of their child, who was left on the ground like a bag of refuse. But the way that the Ferguson, Missouri police have handled the situation is Keystone Cop-like. We have to laugh at something. Maybe we should laugh at the bumbling ineptitude of it all. First, officer Wilson knew about the robbery at the convenience store, where Brown took some cigars. Then Wilson didn't know about the robbery. Then he did. Well, what the frick? Get your stories straight. Who in the force was responsible for this bumbling? Well, innocent until proven guilty, I always say. Don't we wish we had video, but these bumbling keystone cops didn't need video proof of their actions. The department apparently didn't have them working on purpose. Sneaky cops, and it has proven that the use of these videos lowers crime and confrontation. Fancy that. Turns out, failur

Gary Anderson's Not So Nice Awards Honor Evil Globalists Both at Home and Abroad

Globalists are just not nice. It is in that spirit of frivolity that I offer to you the biannual Gary Anderson's Not So Nice Awards for 2013-2014. The Not So Nice Awards are deserved, earned by carefully failing to be nice when it counts. There are a few categories, so check out the winners! Hypocrisy Award goes to: Rachel Maddow . Here is a woman who believes in social justice, just not in Israel. You can't be a globalist if you want social justice everywhere, but she wants it in most places, just not in Israel, and that is just hypocritical! Just speak out about the apartheid Rachel! You seem like a nice lady, Rachel, so quit disappointing me. When we say anti Zionism, Rachel, don't think it is anti Semitism! Speak out about the injustice towards the children of Gaza. And Rachel, you want to disarm Americans. That is so Zionist of you! Be nice, Rachel! Honorable mention goes President Obama , who likes Israel way too much for a black guy. But then, so do Thomas

Famous Political Pundit A.B.Stoddard Wants a POTUS with a High Sperm Count. This Means War!

The Hill's chief editor and well known political pundit, A.B Stoddard has accused the current POTUS, Barack Obama, of impotence. She must have spies in the medical field or perhaps she is assuming he is impotent because he smokes. I first thought that her desire for a potent president had to do with sperm count, but perhaps she is talking about erectile dysfunction. Which is it A.B? This is indeed crucial information we need to know for the political debate we are having. With the US considering first strike capability, so that we can bomb Russia before they unleash their thousands of nukes, we would need a president who could shoot a lot of missiles, if you know what I mean. We don't want an impotent president who can't shoot missiles, for crying out loud! A.B., kudos to you for wanting to blow up the whole damn world. For that to happen we need a president who can shoot plenty of sperm, in the attempt to impregnate Russian cities with complete and utter destruction

Dominionist Governor Rick Perry Acknowledges Abuse of Power Allowing Austin to Secede from Texas

Rick Perry, well known Dominionist, acknowledged his abuse of power in tears today as he signed an executive order permitting Austin, Texas and the whole of Travis County to be set free from the conservative hell hole known as Texas. The liberal county was cut loose and may seek to form the 51st state. Perry is known for his Dominionism, which teaches that Christ can't empower the gospel without government aid and assistance. Dominionists like to make government into a church, which has proven to be a disaster over the years , while cutting off food stamps to as many people as possible. This obvious abuse of power makes his attempt to cut off funds to the judicial system in their pursuit of justice look like a Tea Party. Well, not the Tea Party. Let's just say it makes the attempt to cut off judicial funds look like a party. Perry recently sported the Russell Westbrook dark rim glasses look and was injured when a descendent of Curly Joe, or maybe it was Moe, poked him in

JFK Assassination Discrepancies from a Great Article at

 The article says it like it is, public mistrust in government began with the assassination of President John F Kennedy. He was a beloved president, and was the last sovereign nation president, as all since have been forced to serve the New World Order of multiracial Zionists and their favorite, Israel. It is well known that JFK opposed the nuclear program of Israel, rejected the false flag of Operation Northwoods, refused to overthrow Cuba for special interests, wanted to end the Vietnam War, wanted to issue currency separate from the Federal Reserve, and wanted to free America from foreign domination. All of those goals were crushed by LBJ, the CIA, Israel and the real powers in Washington DC, the dark side of American politics. See also this link to the continuing abuse of America, as I believe it is a direct fallout from the assassination of JFK:

Malaysia Reports Lying USA Knows MH 17 Was Hit by Air Missile, not by Ground Fire. Propaganda Isn't Corrected

The USA bought and paid for media has failed to report that US analysts believe MH17 was shot down by air power, an air to air missile, not by ground fire. This likely exonerates the Russian backed rebels! One source from Canada has Ukrainian machine gun fire from a government controlled plane. Dreadful news! If this is true it isn't being reported and it isn't being fixed with the public. This media is a wicked propaganda machine, and the USA has some explaining to do to the public. Not correcting the propaganda means our news media is not really a news media. It is a propaganda media. It is a disgrace. Here are some articles, with the first one being from Malaysia. The second is Ron Paul stating that the US is being quiet because they know the truth and it doesn't fit the picture our corrupt government wants to paint. The third discusses the machine gun fire.

Zionism Has Nothing to do With Judaism Holocaust Survivor Dr. Hajo Meyer

 A holocaust survivor, Dr. Hajo Meyer, confirms my view, that Zionism is not Judaism. His arguments are interesting and ring true. While I believe the greater multiracial Zionist movement worldwide seeks to weaken all nation states except Israel, Meyer says Israel was formed with a super-nationalism in mind. He said: [In my view] this ethical tradition is absolutely contrary to everything which is at the basis of Zionism. Because Zionism was created… at the end of the 19th Century, and in that era it was commonplace to be colonialist, to be racist, to be super-nationalist, to adore the nation-state–so the idea of France for the French, Germany for the Germanics, and then some state for the Jews. This all formed the basis for Zionism. Zionism and Judaism are contrary to each other. Because Judaism is universal and humane, and Zionism is exactly the opposite. It is very narrow, very nationalistic, racist, colonialist, and all this. There is no “National Judaism.” There is

The FDIC Rejected All 11 Largest Banks' Living Wills for Unwinding in a Financial Crisis

T he FDIC Rejected All 11 Largest Banks' Living Wills for Unwinding in a Financial Crisis. Not one of these banks showed the FDIC anything that would keep the US government from having to bail their sorry asses out. Thomas Hoenig, Vice Chairman of the FDIC said:   “Despite the thousands of pages of material these firms submitted, the plans provide no credible or clear path through bankruptcy that doesn't require unrealistic assumptions and direct or indirect public support.” The first round of living wills was rejected and now the second round of all 11 Too Big To Fail banks have been rejected. The concern is that the complexity of these banks will make it hard to get international control. For example, the US law cannot touch some offshore financial instruments like Derivatives. But the international banks don't want to be able to fail. They want to remain too big to fail. Perhaps Koenig is playing a futile game of whack-a-mole with these banks. We will see go

Even Haaretz Admits to the 1948 Ethnic Cleansing of the Palestinians

Haaretz, a paper respected in Israel, but with a small sense of justice, admits to the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians in 1968 where at least 600,000 Palestinians were brutally removed, or intimidated into leaving Palestine and their homes. Haaretz is no stranger to ethnic cleansing, having hired Oded Yinon, the Zionist who plainly mapped out regime change and banishment of the Palestinians.Haaretz acts as a conscience to seared consciences who lead Israel. So, basically, Haaretz helps the rest of us unravel the unstoppable march to injustice that the Zionist state aspires to. In this article , written in 2011, Haaretz points out that this ethnic cleansing is really still with us, meaning it is the continuing policy of the Israeli government with USA government consent! This is criminal and just makes my blood boil. No race should be treated in this fashion. but the Palestinians are subject to substandard living and opportunity daily. And it is policy, people! This could e

Here Is a Small List of Non Jewish Zionists from the US and UK. Virtually All Races Are Included

Update: Research from Israeli sources has shown that most Jews in Israel and among the financial elite are quite possibly not descendents of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob! Therefore, these Khazar people are very warlike and may not be Hebrews at all. More research could be done on this subject.We know many Jews are descendants of the Patriarchs and the even the Levitical priesthood. But the Khazars converted to Judaism historically. The descendants that are in Israel certainly have no clue about the different between Judaism and Zionism and they ignore important teachings of Judaism. But I digress. So, all Zionists are not Jews as the list below shows. And many Jews oppose Zionism like Jewish Voice for Peace and the True Torah Jews. True Torah Jews agree with New Covenant Christians that Zionism is fake. Indeed, any Zion founded by anyone other than the Messiah is fake. David Ben-Gurion was no Messiah and was a self avowed atheist to boot!  Here are non Jews who are Zionists, in