America Projects Evil Empire Desires onto Putin. Putin Says US Has Personality Disorder

The United States government, or America as it will be called here, has projected its own evil empire-building desires onto Vlad Putin. Putin, the Russian leader who is feeling besieged by NATO's efforts to surround him, said this yesterday:

The US government is full of crap. I am regional and Obama even said so. I only want my little part of the world. Then Obama was told by the New World Order to get focused and now the propaganda media of the America says I want to take over the whole world. They say I want to take over Finland, the Baltic nations, and Poland, and beyond, and it isn't true.
I just want my half of the Ukraine. After all, America paid for the revolution that deposed my guy. You MOFO's are plain crazy, Big O. You are projecting. You need therapy for the psychological disorder of your nation. Don't mess with this nuclear power!
In response, today, Obama warned Putin by saying:

I know we Americans don't have any leverage, Vlad, but we have to look tough or Hannity, that little shit, will make me look like a peacock while he is the one strutting around on Fox News, telling a town the size of Boise, Idaho that I am no good. Well, that is all he gets in the ratings. But then the propaganda machine of the World Order publishes all his stuff.
I am a New World Order guy, too, and I proved it when I helped Bloomberg with the Sandy Hook Hoax. Did you see my tear? I tried. I mean, I cried. But I am not a zealot like Hannity and that other guy Gutfeld. Boy, they are crazy aren't they? I hope you don't have people like them. Well, maybe you could shut them up. I would like to punch those little morons in the face! Oh, I have said too much. Don't quote me. I have to look tough. Expect it, Vlad.
So, we can see that America certainly is talking a big talk. Putin would not seem so fierce as an empire builder if our nation's leaders would not project our own desires on the guy. We are the empire builders. Obama continued with Putin:

That damn Cheney has threatened to take down the entire nation by slinging a nuke onto his pickup truck and driving it right down the street to my house. And he says he has a government in waiting. I bet he does, and we know he did 9/11 so the MOFO could take us down if he wanted to. He just has to find the money William Casey hid in that damn bank account offshore in the Contra deal or get Israel to give him a nuke. We have to look like Empire Builders to keep that madman off our backs. His is the neocon way, Vlad.
As long as Obama or whoever is sane in the White House going forward can make it look like we are putting pressure on Vladimir, the Cheney neocons will back off. But these madmen neocons may be thinking we have first strike capability. That could be a fatal error and risky beyond words. We can hope that the next president will be as sane as this one is, and that is barely. But the alternative is death, so...

And now we have Brett at Business Insider warning that Putin calling the rebel area of the Ukraine the "New Russia" is frightening. What is frightening is the guys Henry Blodget has writing at Business Insider. They are truly frightening!

And as for Hannity, he is scaring Boise with the Muslims are coming, the Muslims are coming, like he was some sort of Paul Revere. Well, I got news for you Sean, you ain't Paul Revere. You aren't even worthy to own his Ware, let alone tie his shoes.

Disclaimer: This article contains satire and humor, and while loaded with truth in my opinion, it is up to the reader to verify the claims of the article, which are made in jest and are not necessarily proven fact. Some claims are fiction.


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