Department of Homeland Security Is Involved in Ferguson Mo. Cuz Merica Must Be Morally Bankrupt Like Israel

That Department of Homeland Security is just everywhere. Now news reports place the Department at Ferguson, Missouri, and some say it is doing more than arming the police to the teeth. In fact, it is likely that the Department wants to foment race war.

Locals have backed off on their nightly attacks as rumor spreads among them that Homeland Security wants white people to hate blacks more than they already do.

Donald Sterling, the former LA Clipper owner, stripped of his ownership for racism has been retained as a consultant for the Department. He said that since Israel treats their blacks like hell, the Department sees nothing wrong with that policy being applied in America. We can't be better than Israel, Sterling opined.

After all, the Department of Homeland Security, formed after 9/11 by many Zionists, protects the homeland of Israel first. Since Israel is racist, the Department has felt that American values should be more racist as well. The Us versus Them mentality of the W Bush administration, where the globalists started this divisiveness in earnest, has been incorporated into policy in the Department.

After all, we can't be morally superior to the not-so-holy nation of Israel. 

It has often been said that Zionism is a multiracial cabal that exalts the racism of Israel. I don't get it but someone, somewhere, must have a rational explanation. Donald Sterling may have the answer. He likes whites, even if they aren't Jewish. That makes perfect sense, or maybe not.

The Department of Homeland Security has been accused of fomenting a hoax at Sandy Hook, and various clever murderous false flags since Obama has become president. After all, the Department didn't exist on 9/11 and didn't get the chance to be involved in the worst false flag in the history of mankind. But I bet Chertoff and the other Zionists were sticking their nose into all of that anyway.

But the Department has a dual mandate, actually two dual mandates. The first is to act as Israel's watchdog over US government activities elsewhere. The second is to actually defend the US homeland, well, sort of.

The second dual mandate is more crucial as they operate as an arm of World Net Daily, supporting White Nationalism. It has been reported that World Net Daily supports white nationalism. Jeh Johnson, appointed by Obama to run the Department after dual citizen Chertoff did his damage, is likely a figurehead. But he likes drones, so he is a company man. 

In supporting white nationalism, the Department seeks to disarm Americans. That was a miserable failure after the Sandy Hook Hoax, so the Department also wants to foment separation of the races, in an attempt to make armed whites hate blacks instead of hating the globalists who are screwing our standard of living on purpose. Homeland is our New World Order Department, and we all should be so proud of her.

Homeland Security operates on the philosophy of Marge Schott, also reportedly racist in her day. She said if ya got em, smoke em or something to that effect. Well, since Homeland can't get rid of guns their policy is, if you got em, point em away from us and toward the black people. 

We know that Chuck Hagel, Secretary of Defense, warned Obama against rogue elements in the Pentagon who work for the New World Order, ie Israel and its globalist friends. Well, the Defense Department is nothing compared to the Department of Homeland Security that is just rogue, through and through.

We are screwed, America, but at least we can have a good laugh over it. Its not like we can do anything about it. Maybe Obama could bomb Tel Aviv and the Square Mile, seat of all financial mischief, but if you destroy one ant hill, the ants will just congregate in a lot of smaller hills.

We need more Chuck Hagels, to keep things honest. The Republicans hate his kind, though, as they are more pro Zionist and war prone, than even the Zionist Democrats are.  We can't wait for the next time Homeland Security pops up its ugly head. I hope it is a hoax and people don't die, but there are no guarantees.

Ok I will come clean, I was kidding about World Net Daily. There is a NWO connection with them but they haven't explained it to me in detail.

This is my darkest satirical article, because Chertoff was such a dark figure, totally untrustworthy as a US government official.

No one knows, as of the writing of this article, about how Ferguson will turn out. We hope for peace and justice.

Disclaimer: This article contains satire and humor, and while loaded with truth in my opinion, it is up to the reader to verify the claims of the article, which are made in jest and are not necessarily proven fact. Some claims are fiction.


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