Even Haaretz Admits to the 1948 Ethnic Cleansing of the Palestinians

Haaretz, a paper respected in Israel, but with a small sense of justice, admits to the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians in 1968 where at least 600,000 Palestinians were brutally removed, or intimidated into leaving Palestine and their homes.

Haaretz is no stranger to ethnic cleansing, having hired Oded Yinon, the Zionist who plainly mapped out regime change and banishment of the Palestinians.Haaretz acts as a conscience to seared consciences who lead Israel. So, basically, Haaretz helps the rest of us unravel the unstoppable march to injustice that the Zionist state aspires to.

In this article, written in 2011, Haaretz points out that this ethnic cleansing is really still with us, meaning it is the continuing policy of the Israeli government with USA government consent! This is criminal and just makes my blood boil. No race should be treated in this fashion. but the Palestinians are subject to substandard living and opportunity daily.

And it is policy, people!

This could explain the brutal war that is going on now, with a tenuous cease fire, in the Gaza Strip. Indeed, the brutal bombing of homes and killing of children is unpresidented, even for the Israelis. It is like whatever was holding them back is no longer doing so.

But here is the deal, Palestinians have as much right of return as the Jewish people, although I don't know why either would want to go to such a depressing place. And it will never happen, that the Israelis, who are not a holy nation as you can tell, would ever divert from their plan of booting the Palestinians out. That remains their goal, and we should be clear about it.

And Haaretz forgets the terrorism all too quickly when refusing to recognize Hamas. I guess one terrorist cult can't recognize the leaders of an oppressed people. That is shameful, Haaretz, as you continue your schizophrenic ways. 


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