Gary Anderson's Not So Nice Awards Honor Evil Globalists Both at Home and Abroad

Globalists are just not nice. It is in that spirit of frivolity that I offer to you the biannual Gary Anderson's Not So Nice Awards for 2013-2014. The Not So Nice Awards are deserved, earned by carefully failing to be nice when it counts.

There are a few categories, so check out the winners!

Hypocrisy Award goes to: Rachel Maddow. Here is a woman who believes in social justice, just not in Israel. You can't be a globalist if you want social justice everywhere, but she wants it in most places, just not in Israel, and that is just hypocritical! Just speak out about the apartheid Rachel! You seem like a nice lady, Rachel, so quit disappointing me. When we say anti Zionism, Rachel, don't think it is anti Semitism! Speak out about the injustice towards the children of Gaza. And Rachel, you want to disarm Americans. That is so Zionist of you!
Be nice, Rachel!

Honorable mention goes President Obama, who likes Israel way too much for a black guy. But then, so do Thomas Sowell and Allen West. You just can't be black and support a racist, apartheid nation. It just isn't right. It isn't right for anyone, but when your people have been oppressed by racism, you just must reject the racists.
Be nice, black Republican politicians and Democrat politicians! 

Racist Award goes to: Sarah Palin, who accused President Obama of "shuck and Jive" and called him lazy. Then she accused Obama of playing a race card. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Palin is sponsored by Lady Lynn de Rothschild, and is a puppet on a string leading to immense wealth and a reckless world view. What a misfit is this child of Rothschild. And Sarah, you don't want to disarm Americans, but you want them to point their guns at other races and let the Zionists fade into the background.
Be nice, Sarah Palin!

War award goes to: CNN. It was close, because MSNBC and Fox were lusting after war this year as well. But CNN wanted war with Syria, and now that is an impossible mess, spinning off into Iraq with the Caliphate. CNN wanted to bomb the chemical weapons and wanted Israel to hit the Palestinians hard. And CNN even wanted us to fly to Israel for a vacation as sirens went off warning us to go to the nearest bomb shelter. Lol, that is funny.
Be nice, CNN! 

Good Grief Government Award goes to: Richard Cheney, who warned of a massive nuclear attack and said he would form a "government in waiting". I bet he can't wait, too! Let's hope that his warning of a false flag like the last one he did on 9/11/2001 does not come to pass. He is a madman. I am in awe of his grit and determination for killing Americans. You have to hand it to him.
Be nice, Cheney!

Baloney Award goes to: Rush Limbaugh. Limbaugh said Robin Williams killed himself because he was a leftist. But should we then blame Limbaugh's drug use on the fact that he is a rightist? What a disturbing idiot, this Limbaugh really is. Does he know what he says or what goes on from one day to the next, or one year to the next? Rush agreed with a caller who said if Israel goes down, we are next. Personally, I would take my chances. I often think that because Israel exists, we are in more danger!
Be nice, Rush!

Reluctant Zionist Award goes to: Barack Obama. Don't be fooled, Obama is a Zionist. No, he is not a Muslim, he is a globalist Zionist. But he is a reluctant Zionist, since he doesn't want to blow up Iran or move fast enough for the elite Zionists in Israel. They want the US to fight with boots on the ground in the middle east until God judges their sorry atheistic asses on the Last Day. Obama did a little warring for the cabal, but his heart isn't in it. He still lets them screw us financially. He facilitates the skimmers of big finance. Enjoy your next gasoline bill or food bill.
Be nicer, Barack!

The Financial Zionist Screwing Us Award goes to: Tie Jeb Bush and Rahm Emanuel. As these guys and their wealthy backers badmouth the public school teachers, who do a mighty fine job, IMO, and they use that bad publicity to push for charter schools. These schools are big money makers and give the rich big tax breaks. They boot bad students out, which pads their teaching stats, since the public school teachers are stuck with the bad students. Greed is not limited to one political party, no siree.
Be nice Jeb and Rahm!

Closet Neocon Award goes to: John McCain. Hell, this guy would have us fighting in Vietnam to this very day. He is war without end, and just needs to admit that he is a neocon, a Zionist. Nobody, but nobody, wants more war than McCain, unless it is those unnamed  fellows who want a first strike against Russia, deluding themselves into the thought that we could win that nuclear war. Yeah. Does McCain believe this?

"Today, for the first time in almost 50 years, the United States stands on the verge of attaining nuclear primacy," wrote Keir A. Lieber and Daryl G. Press. "It will probably soon be possible for the United States to destroy the long-range nuclear arsenals of Russia or China with a first strike." 

What if these idiots are wrong? Or even if they are right, how many US cities will be sacrificed? This is getting serious, crazy neocons. McCain you wild eyed POS, er I mean POW, come to your senses!
Be nice, John McCain!

International Zionist Award goes to: The Ukraine Government. The Ukraine government is a child of the neocons. Neocons backed the revolutionaries with billions of dollars. Isn't it wonderful that they took over, that people were killed, that MH 17 was shot down, that other aircraft were shot down and all because America paid for it? Aren't you readers thrilled? I know I am.
Be nice, Ukraine Government!

Lifetime achievement awards are presented as follows:

The Atheist Zionist Award goes to: David Ben-Gurion, who reveled in his atheism. He was the ultimate globalist, who wanted the law of Israel, the non inspired Talmud, spread throughout the nations, even though he was an atheist. The Talmud is racist. So, now you get it folks? What a guy was this Ben-Gurion!

The 9/11 Destruction Award goes to: Dov Zakheim for his alleged raiding of the US defense department of trillions of dollars, for his work with a company that built remote control planes, for his writing on the PNAC website, that a new Pearl Harbor would be needed to gain faster entrance into the middle east. Dov is not a lovey dovey guy, and to think they put a dual citizen in charge of Pentagon money. 

The New World Order in History Award goes to: Cecil Rhodes, whose tireless efforts to establish a New World Order was rewarded with vast wealth before he passed and a scholarship named after him, which brilliant students being initiated into the elite world order seek to gain. 


This is my closing jingle:

Be nice Zionists, be nice.
You left the religious Jews in Germany to face death and escaped to Israel. You took all the money.
Not nice.
You were atheists from the beginning, and you appeal to a claim 2000 years old based on the Bible.
Not nice.  
Non Jewish Zionists are on your side.  They made your ideas successful: Cheney, Balfour and LBJ.
Not nice
You planned relocation of the native population in 1895 and carried it out in Palestine, with Plan Dalet.
Not nice.
Be nice Zionists, be nice.

Crap, I tried to write humor here, and there is a little, but what is funny about the New World Order?

Disclaimer: This article contains satire and humor, and while loaded with truth in my opinion, it is up to the reader to verify the claims of the article, which are made in jest and are not necessarily proven fact. Some claims are fiction.

Here is my list of non Jewish Zionist globalists and I am sure there are many more. See if you agree with my opinion:


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