Here Is a Small List of Non Jewish Zionists from the US and UK. Virtually All Races Are Included

Update: Research from Israeli sources has shown that most Jews in Israel and among the financial elite are quite possibly not descendents of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob! Therefore, these Khazar people are very warlike and may not be Hebrews at all.

More research could be done on this subject.We know many Jews are descendants of the Patriarchs and the even the Levitical priesthood.

But the Khazars converted to Judaism historically. The descendants that are in Israel certainly have no clue about the different between Judaism and Zionism and they ignore important teachings of Judaism.

But I digress. So, all Zionists are not Jews as the list below shows. And many Jews oppose Zionism like Jewish Voice for Peace and the True Torah Jews. True Torah Jews agree with New Covenant Christians that Zionism is fake. Indeed, any Zion founded by anyone other than the Messiah is fake. David Ben-Gurion was no Messiah and was a self avowed atheist to boot!

 Here are non Jews who are Zionists, in my opinion. Some are even of Muslim descent. They seek US world domination, or maybe just want a fat paycheck. They do follow the money.

All government officials who support giving aid to Israel economically or militarily except for humanitarian aid, are Zionists, until Palestinians have a state. Then Israel should be treated no differently than any other "ally" in the Middle East.

[Update: Since it has been revealed that Israel has targeted children on purpose in Gaza per reporting of an eyewitness, Chris Hedges, the US should distance itself from Israel, not wanting an enemy but not counting Israel as a friend.] 

But here is a short list of the very prominent  without naming every senator, etc.:

Rockefellers (Some say they have some Jewish roots. But I still see them as descending from persecuted Jesuits.)

Vatican/Jesuits (Vatican called for new financial order in 2012. Difficult to assess the Jesuits and prove their commitment to globalization because they are very secret.)

Protestant Friends of Presidents, Like Billy Graham and other "Christian" Zionists (There is a lot of proof that these "Christian" Zionists which are not really Christians, have strong globalist ties.)

Obamas (Obama is a reluctant Zionist)
J. Edgar Hoover
Sarah Palin
Glenn Beck
Donald Trump
Cecil Rhodes (Rhodes Scholarship named after him)
James Balfour (Balfour Declaration)
Lyndon Baines Johnson (Killed JFK for big oil and Israel)
Condi Rice
Jeb Bush
Donald Rumsfeld
James Woolsey
Patrick Clawson
Fareed Zakaria
Christiane Amanpour
Thomas Sowell
Anderson Cooper
Thomas Kean
Alan Keyes
Herman Cain
Lindsey Graham
John McCain
Phil Gramm
Lou Dobbs
Tim Geithner
Rupert Murdoch
Brit Hume
Diane Sawyer
Piers Morgan
Erin Burnett
Brian Williams
L. Paul Bremer
General David Petraeus
Ted Cruz
Marco Rubio
Donald Lemon
Michelle Malkin
And many of the "Jewish" Khazars could be included on this list after more research.


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