Jamie Dimon Screwed the American people and all the Thanks He Gets is Throat Cancer

Jamie Dimon screwed the American people in the financial crisis, and all the thanks he gets is throat cancer. The J.P. Morgan CEO bragged that his bank actually benefits from downturns. Makes you wonder if there is a cancer of the heart. If there is, he would certainly be deserving of that.

The pain of the financial crisis should leave a mark on the American people and their children. They should not forget what the banks did. The formula for pricing risk of mortgages defaulting at the same time was wrong. It was thought up by a J.P. Morgan employee before Dimon got to the bank.

Thinking there is no risk of toxic and cancerous loans being at risk of all going bad at the same time created the biggest housing bubble in the history of mankind. And boy, did Jamie Dimon and JPM (stock symbol) profit from the cancer that ate away at the middle class of America, leaving it in shambles even years afterword.

In truth, J. P. Morgan was a major cancer upon the United States and even the world. Toxic loans were made in many places, the UK, Spain, and others. There was no CRA there, no Acorn there. No, the toxic loans that were most cancerous were the ones that were not government generated. The banksters generated them, and JPM loaned plenty of money along with the other investment banks to make sure that cancer spread, with the help of the shadow banks, the Ameriquests (Ameriquest Mortgage), the Scumtrywides (Countrywide), and the like.

JPM is virtually insolvent, as the 17 billion it gets in subsidies from the government is virtually all the profit the bank shows, according to a Bloomberg View study in 2013. What a cancer this bank is and the Fed only cares about the cancers, the many cancers, and could care less about main street. That is fact.

Nassim Taleb, who wrote about Black Swans in finance, coined the phrase "antifragile". He said Dimon using that term to describe his bank was a nightmare for Taleb.

Jamie Dimon, at least before his cancer diagnosis, thought he was quite the jokester. The Daily Kos, which once in awhile reveals the New World Order, well, some of it anyway, ran an article blasting Dimon's humor. It was titled, Clueless Jamie Dimon Is Good for a Big Laugh. Are ya laughing now, Dimon? Well, are ya?

Dimon, sicko that he is, even before his cancer, knows the housing bubble of the last decade was a massive scam. He knows his bank contributed to it with that formula known as the Gaussian Copula. And yet, he jokes that he is being held back from doing it again!

Dimon asked:

Has anyone bothered to study the cumulative effect of all these things? And do you have a fear, like I do, that when we look back and look at them ...  they will be a reason that it took so long that our banks, our credit, our businesses, and most importantly, job creation started going again?”
That Lesion is saying we can't have lending without another bubble. Well, we don't have much lending as the rich are buying up all the houses. That lending/bubble connection is the position of Larry Summers, another globalist, that we have depression or bubble. Well, why not make corporations pay their share of taxes or just pay people more in the face of record profits? Why not enrich the middle class as they spend the money?

Dimon would rather lend them a cancerous loan than give them real financial power.  He would rather keep the wealthy wealthy, without any attempt to make the middle class back into the middle class, than do the right thing. That is why I have a sense of satisfaction, though not pleasure, in the fact that he has throat cancer.

I am satisfied that a young man like Dimon, an arrogant bully of a man, has been given a threat to his very being. He will likely recover. According to the New York Post, Dr. Ping Gu said that since he didn't smoke for 30 years prior to the diagnosis, he might have a sexually transmitted virus, HPV, although the doctor treating him could not tell.   

Maybe if he survives, he will realize the evil of his ways, the predatory nature of his behavior. Or maybe he will forget.

I used to know a guy who called his friend, who had the last name Roach, by the nickname of " the insect". It was funny.

Now we have a predatory banker, with cancer, and we can nickname him "the Lesion". That is the regard with which many of us hold you, Jamie Dimon. But get well soon!

Disclaimer: This article contains satire and humor, and while loaded with truth in my opinion, it is up to the reader to verify the claims of the article, which are made in jest and are not necessarily proven fact. Some claims are fiction.


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