JFK Assassination Discrepancies from a Great Article at Maryferrell.org

 The article says it like it is, public mistrust in government began with the assassination of President John F Kennedy. He was a beloved president, and was the last sovereign nation president, as all since have been forced to serve the New World Order of multiracial Zionists and their favorite, Israel.

It is well known that JFK opposed the nuclear program of Israel, rejected the false flag of Operation Northwoods, refused to overthrow Cuba for special interests, wanted to end the Vietnam War, wanted to issue currency separate from the Federal Reserve, and wanted to free America from foreign domination.

All of those goals were crushed by LBJ, the CIA, Israel and the real powers in Washington DC, the dark side of American politics.  


See also this link to the continuing abuse of America, as I believe it is a direct fallout from the assassination of JFK:



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