Judaism Attempts to Repudiate Zionism, Only to Be Put Back into Its Place for a Short Time

Leaders of Judaism attempted to distance themselves from Zionism, seeing that the Zionists are mostly atheists and were from the beginning, and seeing the cold blooded killing of children in Gaza, as gruesomely witnessed by veteran reporter, Chris Hedges.

But they were repudiated by Israel itself, who said the Jewish leaders were a bunch of hypocrites. Netanyahu personally scolded the Jewish leaders, saying that Judaism believes in the Talmud, and it is racist as hell. Bibi said, look at your Talmud boys, and you will see that the Gentiles are less than human. Animals are better.

And look at us, leaders of Judaism. We Israeli leaders are carrying out that Talmud and we are extending racism and Jewish superiority to levels never reached before. We control the government of the United States, for Moses' sake!

Just so you know, Moses would not approve of the racism of Zionist Israel or of Talmudic Judaism.

So, after the Bibi scolding, the Talmudic Jews who "hate Zionism", returned to their homes perplexed and confused. Who are we anyway? How can we do what we know is right?

Then a great thing happened. Jews emerged (they were always there in small numbers), who stood strong for a new Zion not made by men, and certainly not established by a bunch of murdering atheists!

These Jews put the Torah before the Talmud, and put the divine prophecy before the racist Rabbis of the Talmudic writing. And, while not a perfect solution, it was a way for Jews to practice Judaism and still oppose Zionism.

Bibi was taken aback as the Leaders of Judaism mounted a universal opposition to man made Zionism that is killing and maiming innocent children. The movement grew and it led to the establishment of a Palestinian state, and regime change throughout the world stopped as if a light went back on in the earth.

And then I woke up. But seriously, if I may be serious, Jewish leaders must heed the warnings of the Rabbis who teach that the messiah must establish a new Zion himself. More Jewish leaders must oppose Zionism. That is correct. More Jewish leaders must oppose Zionism.

Remember this as well, Judaism puts the Torah, the Old Testament, above the Talmud if it is serious about prophetic history. Israel does not do the same. Bibi can tell you more. But know this people, the Talmud Rabbis who contributed to that work of man, do not own the Torah. Israel, as a nation, would do well to understand this.

See About the New Zion at Newcovenanttheology.com as the Rabbis at NKUSA.org, who seek a Zion other than current Israel, may be close to the truth.

Disclaimer: This article contains satire and humor, and while loaded with truth in my opinion, it is up to the reader to verify the claims of the article, which are made in jest and are not necessarily proven fact. Some claims are fiction.


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