Malaysia Reports Lying USA Knows MH 17 Was Hit by Air Missile, not by Ground Fire. Propaganda Isn't Corrected

The USA bought and paid for media has failed to report that US analysts believe MH17 was shot down by air power, an air to air missile, not by ground fire. This likely exonerates the Russian backed rebels! One source from Canada has Ukrainian machine gun fire from a government controlled plane. Dreadful news!

If this is true it isn't being reported and it isn't being fixed with the public. This media is a wicked propaganda machine, and the USA has some explaining to do to the public.

Not correcting the propaganda means our news media is not really a news media. It is a propaganda media. It is a disgrace.

Here are some articles, with the first one being from Malaysia. The second is Ron Paul stating that the US is being quiet because they know the truth and it doesn't fit the picture our corrupt government wants to paint. The third discusses the machine gun fire.


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