An Update: My Permanent Repudiation of David Duke.

Update: David Duke has come out supporting Donald Trump in February, 2016. Trump is an obvious bigot and David Duke has not progressed beyond this. There is no point in continuing this article since Duke has said we are "traitors to our heritage" if we don't support Trump. That is absurd as a man with a PHD can get, I assure you. No more time wasted on David Duke.

Trump is not a cultural savior, because the US culture is strong based on diversity and tolerance. Duke has no sense of America as it is, a tolerant nation with people from diverse backgrounds. IMO, Trump is not interested in opposing globalism, because he himself is a globalist! He will disappoint anyone who thinks he will be opposed to dark issues of globalism.

God's grace is stronger than any need for a superious culture based on race or on European descent or on any such thing:


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