Netanyahu Wonders Out Loud How He Can Make Holocaust Survivors Into Anti-Semites

Bibi Netanyahu wondered out loud to his advisers recently that the holocaust survivors are making too much trouble for Israel. He called a meeting of his top confidants to map out a course for blaming the survivors for their anti-Semitism since they are opposing Israeli policy in Gaza.

Bibi was overheard saying, and I paraphrase, that we atheistic Zionists didn't survive the Holocaust by staying and facing Hitler. No, it is because we got out while others were left behind. So these Holocaust survivors and their families mean nothing to us! We have to make them into anti-Semites!

Well, word got out and the average Israelis were offended by Netanyahu's comments. They understand that being anti Zionist cannot make these people anti Semitic. They are the essence of what it means to be Jewish. The Israeli policy of making anti Zionism into anti Semitism by encouraging the people to think they are exactly the same, is widely known. 

Anyway, Bibi got mad and tweeted a finger at the world. And the world is reeling.

The Holocaust survivors and remaining descendents by the hundreds, signed a letter condemning Israel for attacking defenseless children and condemning the US government for facilitating and funding these attacks.

Obama held a press conference and said that even Holocaust survivors cannot come between atheistic Israel and the USA because we have so much in common in our move towards more racial division. He said that Israel had shown us the way after years of improving racial relations. He said he was reassured because he is half white himself and intends to stand with them.

Homeland Security employees were delighted as they have been trying to start a race war for years. They want a nation of white supremacists who are controlled only by the Zionist economic and military cabal worldwide. The Zionists figure White Supremacists are the dumbest group and therefore easiest to control.

It is good that someone will control the racists. Why not have the Zionists do it? After all, even though they wink at Israel's racism because of unfettered love for the atheists who run the place, they are multiracial.

All races are represented in the Zionist desire for world domination. Isn't that swell? Swell is an ancient word that means cool, bad (good), nice and all things positive. Well, maybe it isn't swell.

It is fact that the ruling cabal is multiracial to be sure, but maybe we should not be reassured since these elite play us and appeal to our baser instincts and arouse all sorts of animosity and racial hatred. Yes, the Zionists do it to the masses right here in the USA. That just sucks, Zionists.

Then, you have people like Charles Krauthammer, who looks alien, as in other worldly alien, saying racism is going away. I can't believe that this guy wasn't briefed by Homeland Security, because when W Bush was president, Krauthammer knew everything that was going on. And he is hiding a lot of bad stuff.

Back to Bibi: With the new revelations of eyewitness reporter Chris Hedges, that Israel killed Palestinian children on purpose, our relationship with Israel must change on a political level. As Israel becomes as dark as night, spiritually, Jews need to find another way, like rejecting Israel as a new Zion. Surely it isn't. Israel, that bastion of atheistic light, has been found out to be the disgusting and vile nation we all knew it was.

Netanyahu hates that the world knows he is spiritually bankrupt.  He tweeted that double speak is a language of the elite and that he stands by it! For Bibi, those Palestinian kids were just caught in a crossfire, even if we have an eyewitness to refute that wicked lie.

Disclaimer: This article contains satire and humor, and while loaded with truth in my opinion, it is up to the reader to verify the claims of the article, which are made in jest and are not necessarily proven fact. Some claims are fiction.


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