Pressure Builds within the Fed to Fake the American Recovery so Interest Rates Can Be Raised

Pressure builds within the Fed to fake the American recovery so interest rates can be raised. Of course, the news sources say it is to more clearly acknowledge improvements in the US economy. Well, how can you more clearly acknowledge improvements in the US economy without faking it? Lol.

What do they take us for? A bunch of fools, that's what. You know why interest rates need to be raised some? Well, it is because the collateral offered in the swaps trades is not paying enough interest!

This is of, by and for the banks, this whole QE and interest rate dance. The shortage of treasury bonds is the key here. The shortage of bonds results in the price going up for them and it results in trades not being settled without enough bonds. Higher interest rates means fewer bonds are needed as collateral.

If the Fed acts too soon, when the economy is weak, as it is, they are found out for the little scam they are running. Americans think the Fed is a government entity and is working for the national interest. But we know that the Fed is a private organization, a globalist wonk, and even the Fed governors are paid by interest earned on bonds, not by the government.

The Fed board of directors who are appointed by the government get the same pay as cabinet officers, so that it looks like they are cabinet officers. But we know that they are paid by interest on the bonds, and the low salaries are to throw us off. Isn't that just pathetic?  Throw us off, until we see that the presidents of the 12 Fed private banks make 3 to 5 times what the board members make.

Tim Geithner, the Fed mole picked to be treasury secretary made over 500 thousand dollars per year as New York Fed President, and could not pay his taxes on time. He was approved because he was hand picked to do the Fed's dirty work in making Goldman Sachs whole. Tax laxity was irrelevant, people. Not that he gave a rats ass about the taxes anyway!

So the Fed is for the banksters, the banks, and not for main street. The forces in the Fed who want the Fed to declare victory for the economy are being poked every day on their Facebook by the bankers (sters). 

So, the Fed Chairman is, when all is said and done, a bond salesman. And that Fed has created a market for the bonds, but the market is white hot because interbank lending is white hot. If that freezes up down goes the stock market, the derivatives and it is 2008 all over again.

The clearing houses for derivatives swaps have been set up to use the new gold as collateral. In this market, treasuries are the new gold. But like gold, there ends up being too little of the treasuries to use as collateral to make the trades.

In some markets, like the CME (commodities exchange), and maybe in the other markets, there are fake contracts and fake trades. So even more collateral is needed to affect the prices of things, like stocks, commodities and the like.

And you and I pay the extra at the pump and at the store so these guys can make a fortune in this massive Fed scam. But I am sure many of you are happy to pay more at the store because you profit from the scam, being in finance or related industries.

Well, we know the game, and it impoverishes millions. The US could be a much richer nation, but it isn't because of these snakes at the top of the financial food chain. 

As for faking the recovery, it is a better acting job by the Fed, than Meg Ryan's orgasm in When Harry Met Sally. And what a financial orgasm it is! That is the trickle down economics we just don't need. Gross. And not enough trickles down to take a decent shower!

And we know that business news is just so much propaganda that makes it all work. We live in a fake reality, and the only thing real is the growing of grass and trees and flowers. Everything else is fake, and if they could fake the grass and the flowers and the trees to skim a buck, the Fed and the globalists would do it. This is where the Zionist multiracial cabal is at its most greedy, except maybe for procuring hookers, er I mean petroleum.

But don't be fooled by the inflation threats, the victory for the economy can't be too large because interest rates can't be raised too high, or the bets the banks have made on low interest rates continuing would be destroyed. That can't be allowed either. So, inflation will be low or swept under the rug by phony statistics.  

Disclaimer: This article contains satire and humor, and while loaded with truth in my opinion, it is up to the reader to verify the claims of the article, which are made in jest and are not necessarily proven fact. Some claims are fiction.


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