The Keystone Cops of Ferguson, Missouri and the Racism That Results

Tragedy makes it difficult to find humor. We know that the parents and relatives of Michael Brown  will never get over the loss of their child, who was left on the ground like a bag of refuse. But the way that the Ferguson, Missouri police have handled the situation is Keystone Cop-like.

We have to laugh at something. Maybe we should laugh at the bumbling ineptitude of it all.

First, officer Wilson knew about the robbery at the convenience store, where Brown took some cigars. Then Wilson didn't know about the robbery. Then he did. Well, what the frick? Get your stories straight. Who in the force was responsible for this bumbling? Well, innocent until proven guilty, I always say.

Don't we wish we had video, but these bumbling keystone cops didn't need video proof of their actions. The department apparently didn't have them working on purpose. Sneaky cops, and it has proven that the use of these videos lowers crime and confrontation. Fancy that.

Turns out, failure to get your stories straight looks like funny stuff, but breeds serious mistrust. You can understand that can't you, Ferguson PD? I remember the original Keystone cops. But their bumbling was slapstick humor at its finest. Maybe you cops have never been laughed at like the Keystone Cops. But you fit the bill, as Keystone Cops, or Kops, have come to represent ineptitude. Let's all have a good laugh at the Ferguson Cops. Ha, ha, ha.

Then these cops are dressed down like soldiers. I like that soldier look, and you know it is sexy girls, but not against our own citizens. It just doesn't seem right you know? It just seems UnAmerican. Whose idea was it to arm civilian police officers to the 9s? Well, seems that our military has a lot of surplus gear. And it makes its way, cheap, to police forces around the country.

It almost makes you think that our government doesn't trust us! Why not? What have we done? Lots of children have died due to these juiced up break ins, with cops armed to the teeth feeling their oats. Sometimes they even get the address wrong? It isn't ok, copsters.

It must be a brave thing to shoot a child. I'll pass, thank you.

Just remember, the New World Order is playing on racism and wants all us whiteys (sorry, the word does not offend me when I use it) to hate all the black people. If our hearts are filled with hate for blacks, we can't hate the bankers (sters) and the neocon warmongers who have caused the poverty we see in America. Damn, what a clever idea!

White people forget that white soldiers looted the City of San Francisco in the 1906 earthquake, when they were sent to keep order. White people are capable of looting! There has been white looting everywhere in the world, and the richest whites have been the biggest looters, in a white collar sort of way!

Again, I am using the word "Whitey", because I am white and have a right to use the damn word. Whitey is just so brainwashed for the most part. I am here to help you guys escape the dungeons of your own minds. It isn't your fault you are brainwashed, because the propaganda press wants to keep you that way.

You whiteys need to think, although I know many of you are captured by the main stream press. Think about how it is the big boys who are destroying your standard of living and the standard of living of your children. It isn't black people doing this. Ever think that far on your own? I want white guys to comment and tell me they understand me because I am losing confidence in us!

God, we have a lot of stupid white people in this country. We really do. Most of us have no clue there is a New World Order. Most only like the racist propaganda coming from NWO rags like World Net Daily. WND says it is not racist, but as has said, it appears to be promoting a white nationalism. It is my opinion that WND is doing this as well. The proof may be in many inflamed headlines that are just unnecessary.

And the guy, the owner of WND, Joseph Farah, is a Christian Zionist New World Order fanatic, IMO, promoting white nationalism! There is something wrong with that picture. He is elite. Why would he do this evil deed? He needs to come over and explain himself to all of us whiteys. He is not our friend, I can guarantee you that.

Don't get me wrong, Joseph has a really nice smile. Most people would like him. But, his website has disturbing elements that he can explain if he wants. I have emailed him several times to no avail. Maybe I will tell him I like his smile. Think that would help?

Now don't misunderstand me White Boys and Girls. Don't you dare go around saying to your friends that we have to hate Jews as a race. That is just wrong. No satire here. I am serious about this. That is no better than hating blacks. I oppose all racism and racial superiority.

Shame on you if any of you do that. Zionist globalism is a multiracial elite cabal that tolerates Israel's racism. Don't ask me why. I don't have the answer.

Many Jews hate this New World Order, too! I know some of them. And many non Jews help the New World Order be stronger, like Dick Cheney and Sarah Palin and others.

I bet you white boys and girls didn't know that Sarah Palin and Mayor Bloomberg are sponsored by the same bigger banksters, the Rothschilds and Rockefellers. Palin is sponsored by Kissinger, long time NWO advocate and stooge of the Rockefellers. She is also sponsored by Lady Lynn Rothschild, married into the richest family in the world.

Creepy Sarah, Lady's maid, what would we do without you? Both political parties are into helping the globalists on this or that issue. Sometimes they even seem opposed, like on the issue of gun rights. But they aren't. Think of it this way. Most of the Democrats want your guns, most of the Republicans want you to point your guns at the wrong people. They both work for the same New World Order masters.

What do ya think about those beans, white boys? Kind of stinky when you eat them now, aren't they? Hard to swallow too. Look how much you didn't know and need to learn!

And all this is exposed because a guy with a gun and a badge shot an unarmed black man repeatedly, perhaps by not so close range. He deserves a fair trial but we deserved him wearing a camera. Hopefully, America will learn not to hate, but the propaganda news outlets may not let the truth prevail. That sucks, America. 

Disclaimer: This article contains satire and humor, and while loaded with truth in my opinion, it is up to the reader to verify the claims of the article, which are made in jest and are not necessarily proven fact. Some claims are fiction.


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