This Article Vindicates My Claim that Scarcity of Contracts and Churn Drives Up Commodity Prices

I have spoken before on this blog about the scarcity of contracts. The bankers control the contracts and the commodity can be abundant but the contracts hard to come by. I have described the trades as a churn, originating in the Square Mile of the UK, even done manually for stocks before the electronic manipulation.

Well, here is an article that explains contracts are indeed at the heart of the control of the commodity markets.

The author, Jeff Nielson, says that 50 percent of the CME contracts are simply fake. They exist to move prices one way or another. The regulators are corrupt in allowing these high speed manipulations of contracts to take place.

There exist lawsuits and expert secret witnesses to unwind this massive scam, but I would bet that the courts are corrupt as well, and I don't expect much to change in this scam of skimming profits off the top by the elite globalist cartel. Billions of phony trades are crucial to screwing mainstreet in all that we pay for building materials, gasoline, oil, and for all I know, pork bellies.

The press, and "news" plays a part in facilitating these trades. I highly recommend the following article which is a two page article touching on the points above and more. Winning trades may be unknown to the participants at each bank. But winning trades are easy to achieve.

My view is that contracts for the average investor become scarce as well, and since so many trades are fake, the average guy pays more as there is huge demand for the real contracts since they are supported by the fake ones.


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