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Anglo Zionist Empire Is at War with Russia

Below is a link to a very important article. I suggest everyone read it. While it is a bit long it sums up most of what I believe. The only thing I disagree with is that Putin is trying to undermine the Anglo Zionist Empire. I believe Putin is trying to make it irrelevant to Russia, economically. The author shares my concern that the neocons want confrontation and possible nuclear with with Russia, no matter what the danger, no matter what the cost. Let us hope they don't get what they want, or think they want. 

Russia Finds Trillions of Dollars of Oil Just When Exxon Is Forced Out by USA

Russia has found trillions of dollars of oil in the Kara Sea, a find bigger than the Gulf of Mexico. This great potential wealth was not lost on President Obama, who said: They get all the luck. It is like our nation is under a curse. First we have a deadbeat Ukraine. Why did we pay money for a deadbeat government that won't even go with the EU plan for natural gas? Now we have Russia getting richer and richer and Exxon is being squeezed out. Too bad I have to go with the Zionist globalist policy of victory over Russia or regime change, whichever comes first! We can't make our own decisions anymore and it sucks! Putin is like a teflon don, and America wants to depose that guy? I thought it was a bad idea but Cheney has my back against the wall. Now that Russia has all this oil, I need to get Cheney to allow more alternative energy. He probably won't as he has investments in Genie Energy in the Golan Heights, courtesy of Israel. He is just waiting on Syria to fall ap

Things FDR Said Which Proves His Greatness in Supporting a Sovereign America

FDR was a great man. He was badmouthed recently by the elite who wanted to deregulate business and banking. He was hated by them. FDR put the sovereignty of the nation ahead of the power of big money. He said these things: "The money changers have fled from their high seats in the temple of our civilization. We may now restore that temple to the ancient truths. The measure of the restoration lies in the extent to which we apply social values more noble than mere monetary profit." First Inaugural Address (4 March 1933). and: "In my Inaugural I laid down the simple proposition that nobody is going to starve in this country. It seems to me to be equally plain that no business which depends for existence on paying less than living wages to its workers has any right to continue in this country. By "business" I mean the whole of commerce as well as the whole of industry; by workers I mean all workers, the white collar class as well as the men in ove

Nevada Supreme Court Forces US Bank CEO to Bend Over and Take It in the Shorts

The Nevada Supreme Court forced the US Bank CEO, Richard K. Davis, to grab his ankles and take it in the shorts in a ruling made recently in the case of SFR Investments, an investment group. SFR had said that Nevada law allowed it to foreclose on a property by purchasing the HOA lien after 9 months of non payment of HOA dues. The example case was where SFR bought a property in posh Southern Highlands for $6,000 at an HOA auction, plus back taxes, etc. According to Nevada law, this voided US Bank's 885 THOUSAND  DOLLAR first mortgage. The bank argued that this decision would force the bankers to quit lending in Nevada. Lol. Well, obviously that wasn't the case, because you can't qualify anywhere, in any state! And besides, banks still lend here to well healed borrowers. And as to the fairness of the decision, well, the Nevada Supreme Court said that it didn't feel sorry for US Bank, as the inequity US Bank Decries is thus of its own making.... After I got up

Traitor Snowden Exposes Traitor NSA as Private Citizen Conversations Are Passed to Israel

In a race to determine who is the biggest traitor, Edward Snowden revealed that NSA passed private citizen conversations among US citizens to Israel. We all thought Snowden was the ultimate traitor, but NSA is leading by a stinky armpit. This revelation of NSA passing secret conversations by Americans to Israel is right up there with the Defense Department not telling the POTUS that they were giving surplus arms to Israel at a discount. In related news, Gary Anderson, who has long thought America was nearly a state and certainly a lackey of Israel, has been chosen for the I Found You Out Award. It is presented in the basement of the White House. Gary, this author, is pondering whether to go. There is no press at the ceremony and he doesn't want to be subject to a free beating. He thinks dual Israel citizens, who dominate the White House Staff, well versed in Karate, will present the award. This award means a lot to the author. It proves that truth can be acknowledged, bu

Israeli Football Logo Featuring ‘Fightin’ Palestinians’ | Political Vel Craft

Israeli Football Logo Featuring ‘Fightin’ Palestinians’ | Political Vel Craft This is awesome and funny satire, and it totally rejects the idiocy and illegitimacy of the Israeli stand against the Palestinians.  Too bad more people can't read this great article.

Adrian Peterson Is Suspended While Tony Stewart Still Races

Tony Stewart is alleged to have killed a man and he is racing. Adrian Peterson spanked his son with a non lethal switch and is suspended from football. Well, this is just racist. There is no other explanation. Tony Stewart's sponsors say, innocent until proven guilty. In the mean time he races. But a black guy from the NFL, who doesn't spare the rod, is suspended? Something is very wrong here. We have a globalist press. They, along with the corporate controllers of thought and action, decided to let Tony Stewart race, which he should be allowed to do until proven guilty in a court of law, and decided to put pressure on the NFL to suspend Peterson. This behavior is wrong, folks. As Reggie Bush said, it is wrong and disciplining a child is not inherently bad. That is fact. We need to take a long and hard look at our leadership in this nation. Even though half of gun owners are liberal, the globalists want to disarm them as well. We need to stand up for our rights. Most

▶ Ambrose Evans-Pritchard - 'America more financially powerful'

Evans-Pritchard speaks of jubilee, and of the carry trade unwinding, with hot money leaving the developing world in shambles once interest rates rise. Interesting conversation about the stupidity of the Euro as a currency is worth watching. China is slowing, and that could impact the world adversely. America now has the power to really hurt Russia, he says. But will Putin make us pay? That remains to be seen.

Sarah Palin Forgets Her Gods Are the Rothschilds, Vows to Bury Kabbalah Power

We can't forget Sarah Palin's famous words, reported throughout media, "Don't You Know Who I Am?" Of course one of Palin's insiders has reworded the quote to mean something less arrogant and foolish. Can we believe her? It doesn't really matter. Apparently Palin has grown so big for her britches that she wants to take on Kabbalah. She was unable to merge her Dominionist beliefs with Kabbalah and Zionism. She wants Americans, not Israel, to take over the world. She wanted to take over a party in Alaska, and was she punching out people like the Daily Kos said? I don't know, but she could totally take over the world if given the chance! Can you imagine Palin wielding nukes with a hand on the button? Caught between a rock and a hard place, NWO Lady Lynn Rothschild decided the woman was just too crazy to continue supporting Palin. The Rothschilds and their friends, the Rockefellers, and other wealthiest of families, control the world through Kabbalah

Gwyneth Paltrow Joins Cult, Rejects Judaism to Get More Hollywood Parts

Gwyneth (put-foot-in-mouth) Paltrow has joined the Kabbalah cult. She was guaranteed more work in Hollywood, and who could pass on a deal like that. Plus, she gets a free boob job thrown in, and alas, she could use one. I hear Hollywood wants to turn her into the coolest star. After all, for many in Hollywood, there is a financial pot of gold in being a cool Jewish actor. You make young people like you and you can make the damnedest evil look good and cool. And isn't that the goal of the Kabbalist and the Zionist, to make the evil look good? Gwyneth has a blog called Goop . Some think it is more like Poop , with really Spartan recipes. Making my kid eat that is close to irresponsible. The draconian diet ideas are inspired, most likely, from her Kabbalistic views. She does have some cheese puffs, and those may be fun. She uses butter! But some salads she has on Goop look like something only a goat could love, and digest. Just kidding Gwyneth. The only problem is that Gwyn

Ted Cruz's Stress Over Israel Speech Rejection Renews His Bed Wetting.

Ted Cruz had a small bladder issue into his teens. Or maybe he drank too much water. Whatever the case, his speech supporting Israel to a religious group fell on deaf ears, and he walked off the stage. It has been reported this morning that his cleaning lady reported the bed wetting. Needless to say, at his age, it was likely caused by hitting the bottle. Who could blame him?   According to the Blaze, Cruz said that Christians have no better ally than Israel. That is funny. I have land in Florida I want to sell you if you believe that. Then Cruz made the statement, according to the Blaze, that he will come to regret. It likely triggered the bed wetting incident. He said, as quoted by the Blaze: “Those who hate Israel hate America. Those who hate Jews hate Christians. If those in this room will not recognize that, then my heart weeps. If you hate the Jewish people you are not reflecting the teachings of Christ. And the very same people who persecute and murder Christians right

Brits and Israel Want Big Piece of the USA. The US Consults Putin to Stay Sovereign

You have to laugh, if you aren't an American, and hand it to those Brits and Israelis, because the UK and Israel have been lusting after America to return to the fold and do their bidding since old Cecil Rhodes spoke about it. Rhodes planned for the return of the US to the fold over 100 years ago, and Ariel Sharon said (from Veterans Today):   “Every time we do something you tell me Americans will do this and will do that. I want to tell you something very clear, don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.” Of course, the US press didn't report it even though Kevin Barrett heard the statement, as Sharon delivered it, on the BBC in October of 2001 while driving in Wisconsin. Our press didn't report it. Screw you, American media. What a bunch of fookers they are. Since this happened just after 9/11, that means Sharon was in on 9/11, folks. Now, let's be clear, Sharon was playing a race card,

Greece and Detroit Didn't Have Public Banks California Is Creating Army to Attack Federal Reserve

Greece and Detroit didn't have public banks. Your state and city are next at risk, as the Fed is forcing the Too Big to Fail Banks to sell their municipal and state bonds in favor of their favorite bonds, Treasury bonds and Pitiful Corporate bonds. Therefore, the State of California, that refuses to establish a state bank to avoid this problem, is arming itself in preparation for all all out attack on the Federal Reserve in Washington DC. Governor Jerry Brown has refused to allow the new force to attack the SF Fed, stating that this would force a public bank on California even more. "Since I am sold out to the World Order regarding public banks, we can't have those," Brown said.  What he didn't say is that the bankers have a "gun to his head" so he can't seek a state bank for a big state like California. But then Brown said, tongue in cheek, that his munis have to be in the bankers' portfolio and emphatically said: "I have bee

Obama Says Israel Won't Take over US, Funnels Money to Palestinians to Stay Put

Barak Obama says that Israel will not completely take over the United States government, but to make sure, he is funneling money to the Palestinians secretly, so they will stay put. Egypt offered the Palestinians a bunch of land in the Sinai Peninsula, but Abbas said no way. While most people interpret this rejection of Sinai land as proof Abbas wants to take Israel down, we know that Israel wants to take the USA down,  and needs to get rid of the pesky Palestinians in order to pull it off. Obama said that if Israel can't run their own damn country, how can they be expected to run ours? Keeping them occupied is good, since they are the real occupiers. The world actually wants Israel to move to Egypt.  Except for the USA and the UK, everybody wants Israel to get the hell out of Dodge (City that is). Obama said that some departments are strongly Israeli controlled even now, like the Defense Department, Homeland Security, and part of the CIA. But Obama has said that he draws

Jon Stewart Tries to Criticize Israel. This is Funny!

This skit is funny. Jon Stewart doesn't do enough satire about the evils of Israel and the New World Order, but he does some. He needs to do much more. But watch and enjoy this: One person who saw this in responding to the cry of Israeli self defense said shooting a missile at a hospital does not constitute self defense. Israel was seen by Chris Hedges targetting Palestinian children, and they weren't shields, Hedges said. He was there. It is shameful behavior when you consider the history of Israeli oppression and occupation of the Palestinians. My ebook Wicked Zionism explains this in new detail.

Big Leak of Secret Cheney Speech Indicates His Declaration that Zionism is God

Dick Cheney's speech on the order of the universe, meant for his inner circle, was leaked and is creating quite a buzz. In the speech, Cheney indicates that Zionism is God, since it is all powerful and no one can tell it what to do. Zionism is nearly omnipotent with NSA spying techniques, and the cabal cannot be stopped. Zionism is invisible, like a God would be, since the media won't ever tell anyone who the Zionists are. Cheney said that no one asks him if he is a Zionist, and no one tells him to his face that he is a Zionist. The press is in the palm of his hand, Cheney said. Of course, Cheney goes on to say that not all members of the Zionist cabal are perfect, especially here in the USA. He cited the example of Joe Biden, who blurted out once, and the press reported it, that he was a Zionist! The mafia tries to keep it to themselves. Obviously, the leaders in Israel are known Zionists, but the neocons are known as Neoconservatives here which is a euphemism for Zionist

Adam Sandler Is Chosen for Super Hero Role to Shadow Lohan After Failure as Zohan.

Adam Sandler, who submitted a forgettable performance as an anti Terrorist Zohan in the movie, Don't Mess with Zohan, has been cast in the new movie, Looking Up the Skirt of Lohan . The movie is a documentary following the actor as he works out his special relationship with Lindsay Lohan, the 28 year old actress that looks twice her age. Sandler had mixed thoughts about doing the documentary, saying that he didn't want to look like an out of control guy, but that he may as well get his unhealthy desires for Lindsey out in the open. Sandler exhibits super human heroics in staving off Lohan's advances. Lohan, who can always use extra money, played a major roll in the movie, and proved that in relationships, she gets around. Rumor websites indicate that Lohan has had many relationships that are confirmed and a boatload of relationships purported to be rumor based. Sandler didn't want to just be a rumor, so he was quite aggressive in this effort to resist Lohan while g

Israel Completes Takeover of US with Rothschild Help. Sacha Baron Cohen to Be President

Israel announced that the takeover of the United States government is complete, giving the Zionist regime a real chance to be the superpower of the world. Israel has been working on this plan for some time, and has settled on Sacha Baron Cohen, a Zionist zealot in high school, to be president of the United States of America. Hillary Clinton will serve as vice president. Barack Obama, a reluctant Zionist but Zionist all the same will be allowed to serve out his term of office. The Rothschild Empire paid for this new government, as Zionism is its pet project and has been from the beginning, from the late 1800's. Baron Cohen was picked as POTUS for his dedication to Zionism, having been active in Habonim Dror, a Zionist youth group in West London. Cohen learned Hebrew in Israel, where he completed his commitment to the Zionist state. Among Cohen's foreign policy goals will be to protect the financial cabal centered in the UK and encourage Scotland and other former sovereign n

Joan Rivers Will Stick with Comedy in Hell. No Defense of Israel Is Worthy of Her Busy Schedule

Joan Rivers defended Israel by saying the Palestinians deserved to die in the Gaza War of 1914. The comment was made on 8/6/2014 and by 9/4/2014 she died. Joan messaged us from hell, where she said she was going to focus on comedy only, not realizing that Israel started the conflict decades ago. Joan said kicking people when they were down was her specialty, but she didn't realize the significance of Israeli/Palestinian history and what really kicking people when they were down was all about. Joan also said in the communique, and I quote: Now I see the error of my way. Israel was exterminating the Palestinians like they weren't people, back in 1948. Some were murdered, some were tortured, some were stoned, including children, and I only read main stream news, the bastards. I have come to hate CNN. Now I see that 3/4ths of a million Palestinians were booted off their land by the atheists. Joan went on to say: I didn't realize Zionism was founding Israel by a bunc

Worldwide Soccer League to Launch Committee Picks Team Names, Creates Controversy

Controversy surrounds the assignment of team names to the new Sovereign World Soccer League. While teams and nations are excited about the opportunity to play the best on a regular basis, names have become a sticking point going forward. Let's look at the names as currently assigned. The Brazilian team, with historical ties to the World Cup, has been named by the committee. They decided on the name Loafers , for Rio's tie to Sugar Loaf Mountain, one of the most popular landmarks in the world. The effort of the Brazilians on the field at the last world cup suggested the team name, Loafers , as well. The Eurozone was only allowed one team, due to the committee's opinion that a shared currency makes each nation less than sovereign. After all, the name of the new league is Sovereign World Soccer League, and you cannot have teams participating from nations that are less than sovereign. In keeping with this thought, the committee named the Eurozone team the Super Sovereig

Huff and Puff Post "Time for Brand New Site for Israel": Parallel History Aborigines and Palestinians

Huff and Puff Post reported a stunning agreement in Israeli-Palestinian relations. It has been reported that the parties agreed that it is time for a brand new site for Israel. The Israeli relocation will be voluntary, but it will also be a massive undertaking. Proposed sites include Africa, the Outback of Australia, Fukushima once they clean it up, and Bangladesh. Africa has miles of uninhabited land, and a good supply of African native population willing to rebuild the nation of Israel and then go home voluntarily as fabulously wealthy, but as unwanted (in Israel) black people. The Outback of Australia, known for good steaks at a reasonable price, also has its share of black people, looking to enrich themselves in order to break into the Australian housing market at the top of the bubble. These black people are called Aborigines and are happy to work hard, and retire at the coast. There were roughly as many Aborigines before the Aussie Invasion, as there were Palestinians in