Adrian Peterson Is Suspended While Tony Stewart Still Races

Tony Stewart is alleged to have killed a man and he is racing. Adrian Peterson spanked his son with a non lethal switch and is suspended from football.

Well, this is just racist. There is no other explanation. Tony Stewart's sponsors say, innocent until proven guilty. In the mean time he races.

But a black guy from the NFL, who doesn't spare the rod, is suspended? Something is very wrong here. We have a globalist press. They, along with the corporate controllers of thought and action, decided to let Tony Stewart race, which he should be allowed to do until proven guilty in a court of law, and decided to put pressure on the NFL to suspend Peterson.

This behavior is wrong, folks. As Reggie Bush said, it is wrong and disciplining a child is not inherently bad. That is fact.

We need to take a long and hard look at our leadership in this nation. Even though half of gun owners are liberal, the globalists want to disarm them as well. We need to stand up for our rights.

Most likely Peterson will be sent to a diversion program and he will not even go to court, unless the powers that be want to make an example out of him. We will be watching this unfold.

As for Tony Stewart, if he is found guilty at a trial that has not even been determined, then he will have to suffer consequences. But as of now, NASCAR seems to have a different take on personal liberty than does the NFL and the cowardly sponsors there.

Update: Tony Stewart is an independent contractor, like a golfer, as I understand it. The NFL player is a contract slave, albeit a rich one. But due process should still apply. We should follow NASCAR's actions if Tony Stewart is charged, but know this, we have video evidence of that incident as well. And still, I support due process!

Remember that the advocates are all out there wanting someone fired before guilt or innocence can be determined. That is WRONG. 


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