Big Leak of Secret Cheney Speech Indicates His Declaration that Zionism is God

Dick Cheney's speech on the order of the universe, meant for his inner circle, was leaked and is creating quite a buzz. In the speech, Cheney indicates that Zionism is God, since it is all powerful and no one can tell it what to do. Zionism is nearly omnipotent with NSA spying techniques, and the cabal cannot be stopped.

Zionism is invisible, like a God would be, since the media won't ever tell anyone who the Zionists are. Cheney said that no one asks him if he is a Zionist, and no one tells him to his face that he is a Zionist. The press is in the palm of his hand, Cheney said.

Of course, Cheney goes on to say that not all members of the Zionist cabal are perfect, especially here in the USA. He cited the example of Joe Biden, who blurted out once, and the press reported it, that he was a Zionist! The mafia tries to keep it to themselves. Obviously, the leaders in Israel are known Zionists, but the neocons are known as Neoconservatives here which is a euphemism for Zionists.

Then, as an update, that silly Biden said that lenders who made toxic loans to US military were Shylocks. Well, that really is anti-Semitic! That Joe Biden is really a piece of work! Foxman of the ADL went easy on him because he knows Biden is a Zionist. Lol.

And the press would never accuse the bankers (banksters) of the Too Big to Fail Banks and Fed of being Zionists, which is a multiracial political/economic movement hell bent on world domination or destruction, whichever comes first. No worries on that issue, Cheney said.

One of the proofs of the complete power of Zionism, as long as it remains invisible, is the ability to let people keep some rights, like rights of free speech, and 2nd amendment rights, supported by JFK. Cheney said in the speech that these rights will continue until power is completely consolidated, and there is a need for absolute totalitarianism. Cheney said that may not be necessary since the fools are all watching football instead of being citizens. 

Of course, Cheney realizes that Zionism is not Judaism, but is a political movement of elite and powerful men from all walks of life and races. Since most Zionists are atheists, it is easy for them to proclaim Godhood. They are the only thugs on the block and have the regional thug, Vlad Putin, surrounded. Some have told Cheney that this is a mistake, but he is part of God, so he said in the speech.

Cheney went on to say that the Zionists will be telling others that Iran is still more of a danger to Israel than ISIS. Of course, the Yinon Zionist plan was to break up Iraq anyway, so that is going to plan. Cheney said the pawns in the game, the ISIS radicals, are doing exactly what the Zionists want, and are playing into their hands as if the Zionists were Gods. And of course, he said, "we are".

Iran will be reined in, but the Zionism Godhood will focus on Iran, so that is why Cheney said he threatened Obama with nuclear terrorism and a coup. Cheney said he isn't afraid to change any regime by force, including that of the USA, and will have a government in waiting. He said this proves his committment to Zionism and world domination according to the vision of the late father of Israel, David Ben-Gurion.

Cheney said he talks to Ben-Gurion on a daily basis, and that he is emboldened to be the ahole that he is precisely because of that communication. He drew applause, reportedly, for making that statement. Obviously the entire inner circle of Dick Cheney are aholes.

Cheney singled out other Zionists who he said are the strongest Zionists, and he said some of the others are weaker Zionists, like Obama. Those he singled out for strength in the movement, were Mark Levin, Christiane Amanpour, Anderson Cooper, John McCain and Alan Greenspan.

He had special glowing words for Ben Bernanke, who he said took an economy that was shattered and put it, and the middle class, into a permanent coma to protect its life. That the economy for all but the rich is in a coma is an understatement, Mr Cheney.

And finally, Cheney said that it was a pleasure seeing the destruction of the World Trade Center, and said the sacrifice of the over 3000 dead Americans was a sacrifice on the alter of Zionism as God.

What a chilling way to end a speech, Mr Vice President retired! How could we have expected anything less from a cold hearted evil man?

 Disclaimer: This article contains satire and humor, and while loaded with truth in my opinion, it is up to the reader to verify the claims of the article, which are made in jest and are not necessarily proven fact. Some claims are fiction.

Contrary to Cheney, I still believe God exists and will one day clean out this infestation of Zionism, by His Second Coming. Until that day I support peace and separation of church and state. I oppose all forms of racial superiority and racism. And, I oppose replacing godless Zionism with a religious sacralism that fuses church and state. See for more information.


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