Brits and Israel Want Big Piece of the USA. The US Consults Putin to Stay Sovereign

You have to laugh, if you aren't an American, and hand it to those Brits and Israelis, because the UK and Israel have been lusting after America to return to the fold and do their bidding since old Cecil Rhodes spoke about it. Rhodes planned for the return of the US to the fold over 100 years ago, and Ariel Sharon said (from Veterans Today):

 “Every time we do something you tell me Americans will do this and will do that. I want to tell you something very clear, don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.”

Of course, the US press didn't report it even though Kevin Barrett heard the statement, as Sharon delivered it, on the BBC in October of 2001 while driving in Wisconsin. Our press didn't report it. Screw you, American media. What a bunch of fookers they are. Since this happened just after 9/11, that means Sharon was in on 9/11, folks.

Now, let's be clear, Sharon was playing a race card, and we know that only some elite Jews and non Jews control the western world. I am not a racist and I will not use Sharon's racist statement in a racist way. 

And the plot to make it happen is ongoing. The ongoing plot to control America by the UK and the Israelis centers on finance. The UK is the financial capital of the world. It is controlled by Rothschilds and other mega banking families. The Rothschilds sponsored Zionism and Israel from the beginning. Now do you get it people? This relationship of these two nations and their designs on controlling America is just incestuous.

One of the more recent schemes was Thatcherism and the deregulation of the banks, which made the global Zionists happy, and was used by the Zionists to invade the middle east. Ronny "Raygun" (Ronald Reagan), was a key player, a stooge really, who didn't live to see the havoc that Thatcherism imposed on our nation. Thatcherism was about liar loans and financial shenanigans.

Thatcherism destroyed the middle class of the USA and made the Brits and the financial backers of Israel and the Israelis a whole lot richer. And Reagan passed Thatcherism in the form of permitting liar loans, in 1982. That wasn't exactly super hero politics, 20 Mule Team Man!

Don't forget in that plot for world dominance, Prime Minister Tony Blair was a steadfast partner in greed, seeking more reserves for British oil companies while riding the coattails of the USA while fleecing us with liar loans, that came to fruition in 2003-2008. And Israel got money showered upon it, even having an open ticket to our Defense Department! What a scam!

Well, our nation is so frustrated by being ripped off in finance and war, that we have hired Vlad Putin as a consultant. He is the only guy who seems to know how to keep a nation sovereign, and America desperately needs the expertise. George H W Bush brought us the Thousand Points of Light, or how to steal America blind and give a little back. Putin brings us Putin's Points of Powerful Personal Prudence.

Here are Putin's recommendations for keeping the US sovereign:

1. Do not allow dual citizens in government, and that includes US/Israeli and US/UK citizens.

2. Do not allow liar loans to the masses ever again.

3. Produce your own oil but do not export it. You use too much. You need it for your independence.

4. Teach the millennials and those coming after them to be frugal. Let them learn to live multigenerationally, so that they need to borrow less. That drives banksters crazy. Another option is "living small".

5. Teach the people to never trust a banker, especially a private banker.

6. Try to protect the pensions, as the poor and elderly will suffer as the greed of the rich increase. I throw oligarchs in jail, and you give them bonuses there in America. Pensions will drop to poverty levels as the rich screw everyone else, in every which way.

7. Watch out there is not formaldehyde in your furniture. Everything is imported and most goes without inspection and you can't be too careful about the finishes. Those finishes can make you sick.

8. Don't put all your money in the banks, especially the Too Big to Fail private banks, because you may lose it in the next bailout. Remember the Bailins of Cypress, where the depositors lost money. Bailins is a new word. Fix your spell check people!

9. Don't buy a house if you think you need to be nimble while job hunting.

10. Remember that the hot money can leave your real estate scene at any time and leave you underwater, as to house value.

That was awesome advice from Vlad. Of course, Putin is not liked by congress, so this crucial report will be likely shelved for years by our cowardly, sovereign nation hating congress, from both political parties. Congress got ruffled when Putin recommended that the Rockefellers and Rothschilds as well as other US oligarchs be arrested when necessary. Those oligarchs are congress's meal ticket!

Of course, the report was leaked and Americans began taking Putin's advice very seriously even without congressional action. America rejected Putin's government based morality, because Americans are a tolerant people, even when we disagree with one another or are of different beliefs, ethnic groups, and races.

The Cruzes and the Rubios and the Reids and the Schumers and the Boxers and the Feinsteins and the Grahams and the McCains and the Ryans and the rest are lily-livered cowards getting rich off the New World Order that threatens the very soul of America. They don't give a damn. Not one of them.

We Americans must learn this:  As Gilad Atzmon says: “Jewish power is the ability to get us to stop talking about Jewish power.” 

Pound for pound, Israel is the most powerful nation on the face of the earth and the UK is right there too, because of the Square Mile. The Square Mile is the most powerful financial machine in the world and rehypothecation of suspect collateral seems to be acceptable there. Google that word as it could affect our world.

Disclaimer: This article contains satire and humor, and while loaded with truth in my opinion, it is up to the reader to verify the claims of the article, which are made in jest and are not necessarily proven fact. Some claims are fiction. 



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