Gwyneth Paltrow Joins Cult, Rejects Judaism to Get More Hollywood Parts

Gwyneth (put-foot-in-mouth) Paltrow has joined the Kabbalah cult. She was guaranteed more work in Hollywood, and who could pass on a deal like that.

Plus, she gets a free boob job thrown in, and alas, she could use one. I hear Hollywood wants to turn her into the coolest star. After all, for many in Hollywood, there is a financial pot of gold in being a cool Jewish actor. You make young people like you and you can make the damnedest evil look good and cool. And isn't that the goal of the Kabbalist and the Zionist, to make the evil look good?

Gwyneth has a blog called Goop. Some think it is more like Poop, with really Spartan recipes. Making my kid eat that is close to irresponsible. The draconian diet ideas are inspired, most likely, from her Kabbalistic views. She does have some cheese puffs, and those may be fun. She uses butter!

But some salads she has on Goop look like something only a goat could love, and digest. Just kidding Gwyneth.

The only problem is that Gwyneth really is not committing to Judaism. She is committing to a Kabbalistic system. Kabbalism may not be a word, but, it is the phony mystical doctrine that expresses the belief in a perpetual holy land.

It is like gnosticism that the Apostles opposed in that it looks for greater knowledge than that which scripture reveals. But it is also responsible for political mischief that started with Leo Strauss. More on that intellectual monster later.

There are only a few things problematic with Kabbalah cult belief. The main problem is that the Torah, the Old Testament, talks about a New Zion and the Messiah establishing the New Zion. Unfortunately, that didn't happen with the Israel we see today.

So, the real Jews believe in the Messianic establishment of the New Zion in God's time and Kabbalism which is now entrenched in Zionism is really a cult that stands for a New Zion being eternal right from the exile. Stubborn cultists in the face of the obvious, weren't they? When Zionism was first established, most Jewish people opposed man trying to establish the Zion when they knew the prophets said Messiah would do it!

And considering that Israel was founded by a bunch of atheists who could care less about a spiritual New Zion, or about the "path" of Kabbalism, it is amazing how long this vile crap could be poured all over Hollywood! Yucky. But don't be fooled. Kabbalah reinforces the Zionist desire for world domination, and that must be exposed to the Jewish people who are starting to doubt this Gaza violence and genetic superiority stuff.

But, anything is done to get folks to support the diabolical Zionist politicians in the US and Israel, right? According to Kabbalah, the subduing of the world after the exile must precede the coming of the Messiah, even though plain language of the Torah says the Messiah will establish the New Zion in his time. Subduing the world is not part of that package, people!

So, then, Kabbalah and Zionism have the same goal, world domination. David Ben-Gurion, father of Israel was a globalist and sought complete Zionist dominance of the world. Make no mistake, people, this was his goal. Ben-Gurion said as an atheist:

“In Jerusalem, the United Nations (a truly United Nations) will build a Shrine of the Prophets to serve the federated union of all continents; this will be the seat of the Supreme Court of Mankind, to settle all controversies among the federated continents, as prophesied by Isaiah.”

Unfortunately, Isaiah never predicted a shrine to the prophets, a UN court in Jerusalem or any of the sort! Ben-Gurion was a liar about Isaiah. While Zionism and Kabbalah have become multiracial international organizations, the goal of Ben-Gurion for a one world government with a Zionist vision is still the goal of the elite.

There is no doubt in my mind that this is still the ultimate goal, the destruction of national sovereignty and a one world government. As it is, nations are already having to give up partial sovereignty to be included in world financial and political organizations.

But I digress. Kabbalah in practice is cultish in denying pleasure of food, etc. Paltrow's kids, if they ever escape this stupidity, will sure like a sweet chocolate cake now and again. As of now, her recipes for sweets include persimmon pudding and cold strawberry soup, along with a little chocolate here and there, thankfully. Treats seem to be discouraged by Kabbalah.

Now I don't know personally if her kids cannot ever have anything normal to eat, but she is pretty much into self denial. A little gluten free is ok for folks who need it, but most boys don't, IMO.

And self denial can be a terrible religion. I know, I was in something similar for a few months about 40 years ago. I got the hell out when I decided I was fooking hungry! Man cannot live on Kale alone.  

Can you imagine having a mother that makes you eat like a silly rabbit? Go to Goop and form your own opinion. The Spartan lady also has some things for sale that are pretty pricey. Kabbalah must like wealth.

But then the crazy teaching of deeper Kabbalists is that doing evil isn't bad. This is where the teaching starts to mess with your brain. You can marry, and have kids, and then you are not doing bad when you steal, or lie, or are treacherous. These are crazy Devils. Watch out, people. Watch out, Gwyneth!

That lying fits into the Zionist way, to lie to the masses. Leo Strauss, who was an expert on Kabbalism, and was an atheist father of Neoconservatism, said that the elite, namely Zionists, must lie to the masses.

Strauss believed in the "noble lie". He said we must keep the shell of democracy, and that is all it is, a shell. Strauss's neocons adopted Yinon Zionism and all manner of deceit and murder and regime change.

So his student, Paul Wolfowitz, architect of W. Bush's Iraq War, lied about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. Well, hell, hundreds of thousands of people died because of that lie, when it was the Yinon Zionist plan from the beginning to change the regime of Saddam Hussein.

Kabbalists will no doubt accept the legitimacy of Israel even though the nation has racist and imperialistic tendencies and could be a threat to the United States, and in fact already is. Kabbalists treat their lying nature, which all people have, as being good? Yes, in the advanced stages of the religion.

It is possible that Gwyneth Paltrow has no idea what she is getting herself into for the long run. Whether she has advanced far enough to consider her evil nature as being good, isn't clear. But that is the goal of  Kabbalah, to deny pleasure and then to accept the bad behavior that results as if it is good. That is weirdo, sicko thinking!

Kabbalah is a form of Satanism. Creepy, creepy stuff, right? Kabbalah members worship Satan (Lucifer) as they get into it deeply, and not a Christian, or Jewish or Muslim God. Kabbalah is a part of Judaism? Naw, that cannot be. But it is. Don't know if Paltrow knows she is headed to Satanism.

Kabbalah uses brain washing techniques. The Kabbalah leader can say he is atheistic one time and religious the next. He can say good is bad and bad is good. He is an atheist when around scientists and religious when around others. Kabbalah gives you a little knowledge, then a little more, then a little more, and then you believe really weird stuff at the end.

Stay away from this crap, people. Get back, Gwyneth, to where you once belonged.  You wonder why the young people are giving up on so much of Judaism, as it wasn't really study of the Torah anyway! Authentic Judaism puts the Torah first.

Kabbalah is one of those religions where your hand is God, your soup is God and your everything is God. When soup becomes God I will let you know, but as of now I am not fooled. And don't drink the Kabbalah water! Well, not unless you treat it as ordinary water and are thirsty, then drink it if you must.

I believe the Torah teaches of Christ. But that is beyond the scope of this satirical article. A link is provided at the end of the book about that. But much of Judaism, like this mystic cult, doesn't even care about the Torah, and the deception is made even worse. And Kabbalah calls for Jews to go from America to Israel and buy houses. Kabbalah and Zionism are forever entwined in certain goals of triumph over good and world domination.

Gwyneth plans to have her little red Kabbalah bracelet refashioned with rubies to fit her lifestyle as one of the elite to be.

I don't know if Gwyneth held on to this Kabbalah while converting to Judaism, but I am pretty sure she as. She hasn't, as best as I can find from reports, denied her fervor for Kabbalah, the root of much evil in the world. And, it has been reported that she is still close friends with Michael Berg of the Kabbalah Center in Los Angeles. Yikes!

Michael is the son of the crazy Kabbalah leader Phillip Berg.That guy, before he died, was into stars and astrology, which must be solid features of the new Judaism, lol.

Apparently Kabbalah and Zionism have massive influence over Hollywood. That bodes ill for America. 

Disclaimer: This article contains satire and humor, and while loaded with truth in my opinion, it is up to the reader to verify the claims of the article, which are made in jest and are not necessarily proven fact. Some claims are fiction. 


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