Israel Completes Takeover of US with Rothschild Help. Sacha Baron Cohen to Be President

Israel announced that the takeover of the United States government is complete, giving the Zionist regime a real chance to be the superpower of the world. Israel has been working on this plan for some time, and has settled on Sacha Baron Cohen, a Zionist zealot in high school, to be president of the United States of America. Hillary Clinton will serve as vice president.

Barack Obama, a reluctant Zionist but Zionist all the same will be allowed to serve out his term of office. The Rothschild Empire paid for this new government, as Zionism is its pet project and has been from the beginning, from the late 1800's.

Baron Cohen was picked as POTUS for his dedication to Zionism, having been active in Habonim Dror, a Zionist youth group in West London. Cohen learned Hebrew in Israel, where he completed his commitment to the Zionist state. Among Cohen's foreign policy goals will be to protect the financial cabal centered in the UK and encourage Scotland and other former sovereign nations to stay tied to empire. More on that later.

Cohen has a position on Israel as well. As far as Cohen is concerned, Israel isn't a Jewish state because that would be racist. And Zionism isn't Judaism so it isn't a Jewish religious state either. But Cohen denies Israel is racist, in spite of the facts. The Zionist state is a product of a political movement of aggression and privilege and massive wealth.

Cohen knows that but says it is acceptable to US interests and that might makes right. Cohen's position is that because the Zionists kicked the Palestinians' asses in 1948, that Israel deserves the spoils of war. Cohen says international law does not apply to Israel, which is exempt.

He intends to turn over California to Israel directly, since the Zionist movie industry already has a strong and unyielding foothold there, with Kabbalah on the rise. 

There is hope Israel won't import racism to the USA under Cohen. In casinos nearby to where I live, you can see how all races can tolerate each other. It is a wonderful thing. And we are talking about in casinos!  Can you imagine race against race at some beautiful resort casino like the Venetian? I can't imagine the Zionist owner of the Venetian, Sheldon Adelson (the second most famous Sheldon, next to Coop), wanting racism there!

Although Adelson probably doesn't mind racism in Israel since he thinks that the Palestinians don't exist. After all, he told that fat governor Christie that there was no occupation of the Palestinians and that he should apologize for even saying there was! Christie got down on his knees in Las Vegas and apologized, and then 5 guys had to help him up.

That is sort of like the Aussies saying the Aborigines didn't own anything in Australia prior to the invasion of 1788! That Adelson is a real pill. What a jerk.

I digress. Sacha Baron Cohen has been racist towards middle eastern folks in reinforcing stereotypes in his movies, which would be ok satire except for his subtle defense of Israel, and he makes satire for the New World Order of immense political power. That is a terrible misuse of satire!

Wow, Donald Sterling (He said Israel treats blacks poorly and he didn't see anything wrong with it), then Adelson (he said Chris Christie should apologize for saying he flew over occupied Palestine), and now our pop favorite actor Cohen misbehaving?

And what is weird is that there are a lot of multiracial, non Jewish Zionists, like Dick Cheney, who wink at this behavior! I don't get it. And the Rockefellers do the same thing, wink at racism and occupation in Israel.

Borat, Cohen's most famous character, is anti-Semitic. He fears Jews, but it isn't Jews that should be feared. It is Zionists. Borat says that Jews stole his plane, like on  9/11. However, it is likely that Zionists, including some with dual citizenship, as well as many non Jews like Cheney, did mastermind 9/11.

Of course, there were few people of probably every race that were involved in this evil deed, including Jews, but Borat plants a subtle hint that no Jewish people were involved in 9/11 or that criticizing a few Zionists is anti Semitic.

There are a lot of racial supremacists in the world. We only hope Cohen and the Zionist regime could distinguish between anti Semitism and anti Zionism, because we Americans just may get nasty when our nation is blatantly taken over by the Zionists or any dictatorial cabal. But if we get nasty, we can't do it through racism against all Jews! That would be wrong.

So, Sacha, when you take over as President of the United Zionist States, will you expose the racism of Zionism? You are good at exposing all the other racism in the world! Will you expose Zionist participation in 9/11?

I bet you draw the line at Zionism don't you, Cohen? You will likely be just another hypocrite albeit a funny one. I bet your Muslim bashing will not translate to atheistic Zionists bashing and I bet you won't shame them for Plan Dalet or their plans to remove Palestinians in 1948 by brutality and stoning and killing. No, Sacha, that is the one thing you won't do. You sly devil!

Turns out, Borat held a news conference, where he made fun of the fact that Jews started all wars. But in reality, Zionists have started most of the wars since 2000, and they take the form of American neocons, some with dual citizenship, as well as some who are not Jewish, like Dick Cheney!

So, we have to be careful about Sacha's brainwashing as he does his anti Semitic character. He is a very subtle and evil con man, IMO.

You can't trust a guy who substitutes Jews for Zionists in his speaking. Talk about throwing Jews under the bus! Zionists do bad stuff and Cohen says Jews don't do that stuff. Well, the majority of Jews don't do that stuff. But some Zionists are Jews, and of course, some are not, like that wicked man, Dick Cheney. 

We have you figured out Sacha Cohen, but now that you will become President of the United States, we can start to realize that you have been working for Israel all along. Fook you, Sacha! (Fook is not a swear word anywhere but in Scotland. What are you thinking Scottish people?)

And speaking of the Scottish people, they had a chance to become a sovereign nation as they once were, and have their own currency and thus control their own destiny and rid their country of massive financial speculation that kills the working class. But oh no, they voted to stay with the Empire of Darkness, with their Square Mile of financial deceit.

Just remember that people are accusing our CME of phony trading, and as much as 50 percent of trades could be fake. That may be settled in court one day. Well, you can imagine the possibility of fake trading, which drives up commodity prices, in the center of world trade, the Square Mile. Finance wins in the UK and that makes the Scots poor. Not voting to get away from that, when your forefathers died to make Scotland free from financial oppression that took place in other forms is just fooked up. 

And yet Cohen has said, just like Obama, that the Scottish folks made the right decision to remain with their hands planted firmly on their ankles going forward. 

So, Sacha, you dish out satire, so with this article written, will you be able to take it?  Satire sometimes takes the form of humor, and at other times the form of ridicule. And you deserve some ridicule, buddy.

We know Zionism is a political movement Sacha, not a race, not a religion. Will you seek to bury that message. I think you already have.

Disclaimer: This article contains satire and humor, and while loaded with truth in my opinion, it is up to the reader to verify the claims of the article, which are made in jest and are not necessarily proven fact. Some claims are fiction. 


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