Joan Rivers Will Stick with Comedy in Hell. No Defense of Israel Is Worthy of Her Busy Schedule

Joan Rivers defended Israel by saying the Palestinians deserved to die in the Gaza War of 1914. The comment was made on 8/6/2014 and by 9/4/2014 she died. Joan messaged us from hell, where she said she was going to focus on comedy only, not realizing that Israel started the conflict decades ago.

Joan said kicking people when they were down was her specialty, but she didn't realize the significance of Israeli/Palestinian history and what really kicking people when they were down was all about.

Joan also said in the communique, and I quote:

Now I see the error of my way. Israel was exterminating the Palestinians like they weren't people, back in 1948. Some were murdered, some were tortured, some were stoned, including children, and I only read main stream news, the bastards. I have come to hate CNN. Now I see that 3/4ths of a million Palestinians were booted off their land by the atheists.
Joan went on to say:

I didn't realize Zionism was founding Israel by a bunch of ruthless atheists. You can't even conjure a joke up about these boys, they were were so horrific. And, while I will attempt to laugh through an eternity of hell, this heat and darkness is trying my patience.
I am running out of sauna jokes, and can't get my nails done properly, so they are starting to look hideous. My skin seems ok because of the humidity, but my hair...
Think of it as a marathon, Joan. Pace yourself. You will have many appearances to make, as we hear that hell is a pretty big place with a captive audience. Atheists Ben-Gurion and Meir will have to hear hours and hours of your jokes, some good and some bad, and they won't be able to leave. You tell them they were wrong to kill and murder for Zionism, a false political movement that had nothing to do with religion. You tell them, Joan.


To get serious for a moment: One thing you could count on with Joan Rivers, was some off color, coarse humor. And while some satire was very funny and not off color, and let people through the hard times and hard situations, she did go overboard at times. This piece is written in honor of Joan's humor, knowing people do not communicate from the afterlife, and to shame her politics as well. She would have laughed, even if many of you would not get it. 

Joan Rivers was a funny lady and she understood satire. I would be lying to you if I said I didn't feel conflicted and sorrowful for her passing. But she, like so many others, was deceived about Israel, and hopefully was not simply lying. On the other hand, she made us laugh, and those people are few and far between.

But Joan, we feel sorrow for your death, but you said you felt no sorrow for the hundreds of Palestinian children who died. As Chris Hedges (who was there) said, those children were not used as human shields by Hamas but as predetermined Israeli targets. Maybe she didn't know that Hedges had observed all that evil.

You can understand my frustration and conflict concerning Joan Rivers.

Perhaps that statement, of feeling no sorrow, made God mad, Joan. Perhaps it was the final straw. What-goes-around-comes-around seemed to be applied so very quickly to this comedy diva.

Condolences to her family and daughter. 

See: as I have always believed that pro Zionists are incurring the lasting and eternal anger of the Almighty.

Disclaimer: This article contains satire and humor, and while loaded with truth in my opinion, it is up to the reader to verify the claims of the article, which are made in jest and are not necessarily proven fact. Some claims are fiction. 


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