Obama Says Israel Won't Take over US, Funnels Money to Palestinians to Stay Put

Barak Obama says that Israel will not completely take over the United States government, but to make sure, he is funneling money to the Palestinians secretly, so they will stay put. Egypt offered the Palestinians a bunch of land in the Sinai Peninsula, but Abbas said no way.

While most people interpret this rejection of Sinai land as proof Abbas wants to take Israel down, we know that Israel wants to take the USA down,  and needs to get rid of the pesky Palestinians in order to pull it off.

Obama said that if Israel can't run their own damn country, how can they be expected to run ours? Keeping them occupied is good, since they are the real occupiers.

The world actually wants Israel to move to Egypt.  Except for the USA and the UK, everybody wants Israel to get the hell out of Dodge (City that is).

Obama said that some departments are strongly Israeli controlled even now, like the Defense Department, Homeland Security, and part of the CIA. But Obama has said that he draws the line there.

He had better draw some sort of line, because Israel Shahak, who interpreted Yinon Zionism espousing regime change and banishment of the Palestinians, said Israel would one day come for the USA and establish itself as the premier world power. Shahak said that.

Obama listened.

However, Obama knows that he has to put up with a little regime change here, as we know by history that JFK was killed by the Lyndon Baines Johnson party seeking closer ties with Israel. Turns out, LBJ's Aunt Jessie Johnson Hatcher was staunchly Zionist, and we know that LBJ left Israel's nuke program alone after JFK was assassinated.

LBJ never could figure out that the Holocaust Jews he saved and the atheistic Zionists he supported were not the same people. What a dumb ass he was.

So, we already are living the ongoing coup. The question remains how long can presidents of the US put off the total takeover. And paying the Palestinians to be a thorn in the occupier's side is one was of slowing the Israeli juggernaut. I love that word, Juggernaut.

Anyway, Obama knows that voting in a Republican, or even "it takes a village" Hillary could spell curtains for US independence as a sovereign nation. Obama is a Zionist, but doesn't like them very much. He despises Netanyahu, and most people do. That is easy.

Anyway, Obama is well aware (and you should be too) of the Lavon Affair, the USS Liberty, 9/11 and other false flags and hoaxes. He was even in on the Sandy Hook Hoax. Good Lord! His fake crying turned out to be just like all the other fake crying in Sandy Hook. Tearless crying I call it. Obama was like Kaitlin Roig in wiping away a tear that didn't exist! Crap.

America needs to make dual citizenship outlawed regarding government service in the USA.

So, as of now, Obama is keeping the wolf of Zionism at the door, but just barely. He stopped delivery of a missile system to Netanyahu, as protest against the abuse of the Defense Departnment by Israel, as weapons were going to Israel without the president's knowledge!

How the next POTUS does is hard to say. Zionism is now very multiracial, and very powerful world wide. We have Zionism versus Putin and China and we have Obama riding the fence. Let's hope he would represent the USA and its citizens as his term comes to a close. Somebody has to.

 Disclaimer: This article contains satire and humor, and while loaded with truth in my opinion, it is up to the reader to verify the claims of the article, which are made in jest and are not necessarily proven fact. Some claims are fiction.


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