Russia Finds Trillions of Dollars of Oil Just When Exxon Is Forced Out by USA

Russia has found trillions of dollars of oil in the Kara Sea, a find bigger than the Gulf of Mexico. This great potential wealth was not lost on President Obama, who said:

They get all the luck. It is like our nation is under a curse. First we have a deadbeat Ukraine. Why did we pay money for a deadbeat government that won't even go with the EU plan for natural gas? Now we have Russia getting richer and richer and Exxon is being squeezed out.

Too bad I have to go with the Zionist globalist policy of victory over Russia or regime change, whichever comes first! We can't make our own decisions anymore and it sucks! Putin is like a teflon don, and America wants to depose that guy? I thought it was a bad idea but Cheney has my back against the wall.
Now that Russia has all this oil, I need to get Cheney to allow more alternative energy. He probably won't as he has investments in Genie Energy in the Golan Heights, courtesy of Israel. He is just waiting on Syria to fall apart to collect on this windfall, along with Murdoch and Rothschild.

Obama is concerned that Ukraine is just another welfare state, and that we will have to pay to keep them warm while we are freezing our own citizens, cutting heating aid and food stamps. Obama doesn't like it but he knows Cheney is in charge.

The CEO of Exxon is upset. He knows this is the find of a lifetime. He  knows that he should ignore Obama and the globalists. Energy companies don't like globalization when it involves not going global. Since the neocons want weird globalization, with restrictions on Russia, the energy companies think they are wacko. But they have the power in politics. Exxon is assessing the situation to see what the company can get away with.

After all, Exxon says, "oil companies are people too!"

Rosneft, the beleaguered oil company subject to western sanctions is the big winner in this oil find.  Reuters had a headline:  Rosneft struggles to grow as sanctions hit Russia's oil champion. Lol, that headline looks to be pretty lame and we know it was issued by the globalists, as Reuters is a propaganda arm of the globalists. 

The CEO of Rosneft said:

We hit the jackpot peoples of the world! We are bigger than Exxon and everyone else now. The US can only hope we let Exxon back in to help us. We really shouldn't, but we have a hammer to hold over the head of the Americans now. We speak quietly and carry a big hammer. We dropped the sickle but we still have the hammer. Yeah!

It was noted that Cheney had an oil wet dream over the Rosneft discovery as nothing oozes out of that man's body that isn't the consistency of light sweet crude.  He had a maid change the bed sheets as his family is repulsed, and they are oil people too!

We asked what part of Cheney's body caused the light sweet discharge but were met with a firm, "no comment"!

After all, Cheney believed in Peak Oil, the notion that the world would run out of oil. That was part of his motive for the 9/11 conspiracy and for the invasion of Iraq, besides, of course, the Yinon Zionism doctrine that everyone should research (it is online). But now we see there is plenty of oil in the world! 

Russia is taking all this oil in the Arctic seriously, developing a crack unit of paratroopers who will be part of a special forces brigade to keep the globalists from stealing the oil. Putin said that no one knows winter like the Russians. But the Ukrainians one day will if they keep missing their natural gas payments.

Disclaimer: This article contains satire and humor, and while loaded with truth in my opinion, it is up to the reader to verify the claims of the article, which are made in jest and are not necessarily proven fact. Some claims are fiction.


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