Traitor Snowden Exposes Traitor NSA as Private Citizen Conversations Are Passed to Israel

In a race to determine who is the biggest traitor, Edward Snowden revealed that NSA passed private citizen conversations among US citizens to Israel.

We all thought Snowden was the ultimate traitor, but NSA is leading by a stinky armpit. This revelation of NSA passing secret conversations by Americans to Israel is right up there with the Defense Department not telling the POTUS that they were giving surplus arms to Israel at a discount.

In related news, Gary Anderson, who has long thought America was nearly a state and certainly a lackey of Israel, has been chosen for the I Found You Out Award. It is presented in the basement of the White House.

Gary, this author, is pondering whether to go. There is no press at the ceremony and he doesn't want to be subject to a free beating. He thinks dual Israel citizens, who dominate the White House Staff, well versed in Karate, will present the award.

This award means a lot to the author. It proves that truth can be acknowledged, but only if just a few people know about it!

It is comforting to know that only Arab US citizens were subject to this abuse. It proves what I have believed all along, it is who you know or don't know that matters in America.

In related news, Israel says that these conversations help them to stop free speech in Gaza. An Israeli spokesman said, "we can terrorize the relatives of US citizens and that has always been fun for us."

The spokesman went on to say that knowing sexual orientations and flings, money problems and medical conditions allow Israel to play god in a truly perverse way. "It is just so dirty, you know, dirty fun for our intelligence people who get bored easily," the Israel spokesman said.

The Israeli spokesman went on to speak rather candidly:

"The Israeli intelligence was busy with 9/11, working with the CIA to bring down the buildings and substitute the remote control planes Zakheim was working on when some say he stole 2 trillion dollars from the Pentagon. They had sporadic work with the Obama shootings and hoaxes. But face it, the Yinon Plan for regime change that the Neocons put into action is working so well that the Mossad hardly has to blow anything up or spy much at all anymore. So they like messing with the Palestinians and it is perfectly kosher. You should see what happens when their wives find out. Oy vey!"  

One question: If ISIS attacks, and that is unlikely, will all Arabs be subject to internment camps like the Japanese Americans? I knew one of those Japanese American Patriots, and he was a pharmacist. What was America thinking? And since this war will never end, as Yinon Zionism prescribes to all regime change wars, will Arab-American citizens end up being locked up forever?

And what is America thinking by subjecting citizens to the crapola big ears of Israel! The NSA is the NSATAPO.

It is just traitorous to send US Citizen info to Israelis without even listening to the conversation itself. What a crap organization is this NSA. Nobody could be a bigger traitor to American values than the NSA.

Wake up America. Israel has too much power over the USA. Already this article has been buried in our traitorous pro-Israeli media. Maybe Snowden is not as big a traitor as we think!

Update:  While this was satire, in truth, some Israeli soldiers assigned to be spies, refused to spy on the Palestinians to gain this petty information on them. Netanyahu had the 43 soldiers fired on Monday, 1/26/2015. The soldiers acted like heroes, and Netanyahu acted, well, like Netanyahu.

Disclaimer: This article contains satire and humor, and while loaded with truth in my opinion, it is up to the reader to verify the claims of the article, which are made in jest and are not necessarily proven fact. Some claims are fiction. 


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