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News for the Week Ending 10/31/2014 Russian Rockets, Giant's Dynasty, Eating Terrorists, Wikileaks

The US failed to launch a rocket refurbished with Russian engines. However, Russia launched a rocket successfully that also had supplies for the Space Station. That rocket was launched the very same day as the US failure. One could say that trusting the private company in the US to fix this rocket was a major mistake. Talk about turning the argument against Russian technology to an argument against free enterprise and the profit motive! Nice. The SF Giants won the world series, 3rd in 5 years. That is a baseball dynasty. That silly Skip Payless of Payless Shoes said you had to win a gazillion championships in a row to be a dynasty. But he was talking about basketball. Baseball is a different sport Skippy! It is more difficult to win a baseball title, Skippy! Eating terrorists is the weapon of choice for people in the North of the Congo. Perhaps that will discourage terrorism as the populace is far more ruthless than the terrorists. As far as the US is concerned, we give foreign

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Called ChickenSh** by Hulk Hogan and Danica Patrick

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been called a ChickenSh** by both Danica Patrick and Hulk Hogan. Hogan said that if he gets close enough, he will slam the prime minister to the mat. Patrick has a standing invitation for Bibi to take a ride at Talladega to see if Bibi is a real Bibi Bobbi or if he is a ChickenSh**. Netanyahu is a real dark Talladega Night, that is for sure. Hogan offered to share illegal substances with Netanyahu, in order to give him a shot of courage. Bibi said he didn't have to have courage because he is in favor of letting the Palestinians rot in occupation until Hell, which he doesn't believe in, freezes over. Patrick offered to fit Bibi with Depends in order to prevent any mishaps at 200 plus miles per hour, but Bibi said he doesn't like fast cars. Netanyahu tweeted that he was distressed at these people calling him names. He said he tries to live by sticks and stones but words do hurt his feelings. Little did he know that the Obam

Some Like Chomsky Say Yinon Zionism Not Embraced by Neocons, Revisionist Zionism Was.

Yes, some like Noam Chomsky of MIT have said that Yinon was not known by the Likud or neocons. But revisionist Zionism was surely known by both and it is very similar to Yinon Zionism. Yinon is written similarly to Revisionist Zionism. They are virtually the same doctrine. You can compare them below. Here is Revisionist Zionism: Here is Yinon Zionism: Both forms of Zionism, that seek to establish Israel beyond the borders limited them by the British Mandate are aggressive and constitute war crimes when carried out.

Sandy Hook Hoax Thread at with Pictures of Crying with No Tears Definitely check out all the info and the pics of fake crying with no tears at the above link. Sandy Hook was a hoax, an easy one to prove, actually. You should take advantage of the accumulated knowledge there. I get a little short with the trolls, but they are, well, just trolls. If they keep the thread up on the popularity list, I tolerate their idiocy, most of the time. Sandy Hook is a Zionist hoax. Zionism is a multiracial cabal of very powerful people who seek more power for their wealthy club. Zionism seeks worldwide dominance, and Israeli preeminence. Yet there are many non Jews who are member of the cabal. Don't blame an entire race. Many Jews hate Zionism and are starting to speak out.

Thanks to Dean Baker Proof Paul Krugman Did Not Call for a Housing Bubble in 2002.

Paul Krugman, who I don't agree with on lots of stuff, like taking sides against Amazon with publishers who want to keep ebook prices too high, didn't call for a housing bubble. Krugman originally wrote in 2002: To fight this recession the Fed needs…soaring household spending to offset moribund business investment. [So] Alan Greenspan needs to create a housing bubble to replace the Nasdaq bubble. But a few weeks later, he wrote this warning about the housing bubble. Truth is, he was being satirical or almost fatalistic in believing that all Greenspan had left was to turn the stock bubble into the housing bubble. But in the newer article he said this: 4. We may have a stock bubble, but we don't have a real estate bubble. I've now had to strike the first three items off my list, and I'm getting worried about the fourth. More and more people are using the B-word about the housing market. A recent analysis by Dean Baker, of the Center for Economic Policy

News for the Week Ending 10/24/2014 Yellen, Krugman, New York City

So, Janet Yellen , chairwoman of the Federal Reserve Bank, donated a rat's ass to her local food shelter in Washington DC to prove that she gives a rat's ass about the poor in America. Yellen claims she is concerned about the wealth disparity in the USA, but low interest rates that she engineers, results in less interest going to savers and less lending on the part of mortgage lenders. She is the cause, along with her predecessors, of this wealth disparity. Fox News Pundits have confessed that they are not qualified to vote. They admitted yesterday that they lie so much that they have no clue what really to believe. With that confusion, they admitted people should not go to the polls. They admitted that young women are not so confused and therefore should vote. Paul Krugman has proven he is a disgusting New World Order globalist in defending the Hatchette Job book publishers against Turns out the Hatchette Job wants to keep the price of ebooks high so that th

Republican John Boehner Awarded a Prestigious Award for His Ebola Work-Betrays Texas

Republican John Boehner has been awarded a prestigious award for his work on the Ebola scare. Mr Boehner will travel to Las Vegas to receive the award at Bonnie Springs Ranch. He elected to receive the award there because he is scared out of his wits about Ebola and you can't get much further away from the virus than Bonnie Springs Ranch. As speaker of the house, Boehner has received other awards for his uselessness. He is without question one of the most unproductive politicians in the history of the world and he deserves awards for that inaction. But his Ebola award is aptly named the Pussy Scared-e-Cat Award. There is no bigger Scaredy Cat than Boehner. He has the entire American population scared and he thinks that is the greatest thing he has done for America.  The first American to receive the Pussy Scared-e-Cat Award was Condi Rice, who frightened America into an illegal war against Iraq, claiming there were mushroom clouds coming from Saddam Hussein to the United S

Obama and Cheney Have Unprecedented Joint Press Conference: Is World On the Brink?

President Barack Obama and Shadow President-in-Waiting Richard Cheney held an unprecedented joint press conference today in order to discuss strategic changes now being made in foreign policy and defense.  (Be sure to read all disclaimers to this report before panicking.*) Obama and Cheney both emphasized that the goal of the United States government is to dismantle Russia just like we dismantled the Soviet Union. The plan is to drive oil back down to $10 dollars per barrel like it was in the late 1980's. When Russia becomes demoralized, after cutting Europe off of natural gas to keep warm for the winter, we will not come to the aid of Europe in any way, asking the Eurozone to just hold on and huddle together until Russia is completely destroyed. Larry Kudlow said this is what Reagan did to destroy the Soviet Union and that we should be even more hostile to Russia since we are on the brink of taking over the world, according to neocon principles. Once Russia capitulates, then

News for Week Ending 10/17/2014 Putin, Ebola, Oil

Putin warned the US that Russia is a nuclear power and that economic warfare could result in destabilization. What he really was thinking was that he would bomb the crap out of Saudi Arabia if this warfare didn't stop. He warned the US on 10/15/2014. On 10/16/2014 the price of West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil went from under 80 dollars to over 82 dollars per barrel. We know the oil market is cornered by the investment banks. Did they get orders from Obama to stabilize oil prices? That is a dead serious question that needs to be asked. We have found out by common sense that the US jacked up oil prices for years to trap Russia. But then our own people have had to pay more for gasoline than they should have paid. This is a bad plan that is Neocon/Zionist based. Zionists are the multiracial cabal that controls the oil market and American misguided foreign policy. The Republicans and Larry Kudlow called for Ebola based travel restrictions out of the state of Texas. Rick Perry t

Sponsored by the City of Fat, The Slow Satire Festival Is Held in Ireland Yearly

Sponsored by the City of Fat, the Slow Satire Festival is held every year in summer. I certainly would not recommend going to Ireland any other time. Did you see how dreadful it was in the Ryder Cup? Oh, that was Scotland. Not much difference if you ask me. Anyway, the festival is located in Fat, only 28 kilometers from Dubuque. The city of Dubuque is an exciting and historical city known for manufacturing until the city fathers decided to screw people through expanding the financial industry. Where have we heard that story before, right? Fat is famous for the filming of Braveballs as well. This Mel Gibson film was a smash hit although putting the words balls and smash together makes me wince. Johnny Slow was Viceroy of the city of Fat back in 1700.  The city is located in Hampstead Meath, a place famous for that movie, Notting Hillside . Hampstead is run by the City of London, which pretty much has its hand in everything, mostly to the bad, and up pretty much everyone's hi

Maria Bartiromo of Fox Business News Receives Prestigious Award

Maria Bartiromo, once famous anchor for CNBC who has labored in relative obscurity as a Fox News pundit still has garnered a prestigious award from the Political Satire Consortium. Bartiromo, who has won the Excellence in Journalism award garnered a financier father in law when she married her husband, Jonathan Steinberg. Certainly, her journalism is enhanced by this apparent conflict of interest in reporting financial news, as she has become an insider. But that conflict has gone largely unnoticed. However, the new award she received does give a hint of that conflict as she has been named recipient of the Phony-As-a-Three-Dollar-Bill award. The Political Satire Consortium, well known for seeing through a charade, while making others up, determined that Bartiromo has some sort of false lisp when speaking about financial matters. It isn't actually a lisp, but you know it isn't normal processing of words. Some say it could be a dentalized lisp, but clearly her tongue is in

News for the Week Ending 10/10/2014 Russia, Israel, India

Israel brags about how it beat the drought with desalination plants. Of course, with the billions of dollars that the US has given Israel over the years, America could have hundreds of desalination plants. But our government would rather give the money to Israel instead of protecting the interests of the United States of America. And Israel says, "we did it", like they are better managers than the US government. Well, let me tell you something. Israeli sheet stinks just like US sheet. Israel didn't accomplish anything without the help of the USA and without the dollars from big finance the world over. Leon Pinata,   who used to be in the Obama administration, says the US should have bombed the crap out of Syria. Of course, now we need Syria as an ally to help destroy ISIS. But Pinata, who needs to be beaten with a stick on someone's birthday (just a play on words), talks the New World Order talk. Turns out, Pinata, or is it Panetta, invested some money

CDC Notifies Noam Chomsky, MIT Professor, that He Has Ebulla Virus

The CDC notified the well known MIT professor, Noam Chomsky, that he has been infected with the Ebulla Virus. While not as dangerous as the Ebola Virus, the Ebulla Virus is capable of shrinking and encrusting the brain, while still inside the host human. Animals are not affected. The CDC noted that Chomsky rightly criticizes Israel for all the bad things they have done, but knows in his heart of hearts that it will lead to no change. The Ebulla Virus causes the host human to inject a bunch of bull into articles and books. That has certainly happened to Chomsky over the years, as he has righteously championed the charade of criticizing Israel while knowing nothing will ever change there. The Ebulla Virus affects that part of the brain that deals with conspiracy. It is a known fact that Chomsky cannot see conspiracy in hardly anything. He can't see the 9/11 conspiracy, nor can he see the Sandy Hook Hoax. It may be that he cannot see the conspiracy to defraud Americans into think

AIPAC Deems Netanyahu Keeper of American Patriotism

AIPAC has deemed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as the Keeper of American Patriotism. I thought at first they were all drunk and were thinking about Benjamin Franklin, but they are dead serious about elevating Bibi to the unpaid position.  AIPAC says that Netanyahu understands US patriotism because he molds that patriotism. Americans never knew that, but they don't count anyway, AIPAC said. The only thing that counts is what Israel wants. The AIPAC spokesman was bold in saying this because it is football season and Americans won't even notice, stupid blobs that they are. So, Bibi Netanyahu, being Keeper of American Patriotism recently laid into Obama according to the New York Post. Bibi said it is un-American for the president of the United States to criticize Israel.  After all, Bibi said that Americans think people should live where they want, and Israeli citizen Jews and Arabs should be able to buy land once reserved for the Palestinians, no big deal. Aft

News for the Week Ending 10/03/2014 Obama, Netanyahu, Rabbis

President Obama cancelled many flights scheduled to bomb ISIS when it was discovered that we don't have enough money to pay for the Ebola outbreak vaccine. Obama promised to funnel some money, a pittance really, to the ebola scare since the government's policy is to keep Americans frightened. Ebola is doing the trick as well as ISIS reprisals and Halloween. The Eugenics freaks are not happy because they want more deaths from Ebola. Obama realizes that ISIS bombings and Ebola entrapment are both issues that help his poll ratings.  Prime Minister Netanyahu slammed the US for criticism of settlements. Israel is tired of being criticized while knowing full well that the United States won't do anything but talk. Netanyahu said the plans for the new settlements had been in the pipeline for two years, making them legitimate. Time evidently makes everything Israel does, legitimate. It has been reported that Business Insider labors under the mistaken idea that you have to be