AIPAC Deems Netanyahu Keeper of American Patriotism

AIPAC has deemed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as the Keeper of American Patriotism. I thought at first they were all drunk and were thinking about Benjamin Franklin, but they are dead serious about elevating Bibi to the unpaid position. 

AIPAC says that Netanyahu understands US patriotism because he molds that patriotism. Americans never knew that, but they don't count anyway, AIPAC said. The only thing that counts is what Israel wants.

The AIPAC spokesman was bold in saying this because it is football season and Americans won't even notice, stupid blobs that they are.

So, Bibi Netanyahu, being Keeper of American Patriotism recently laid into Obama according to the New York Post. Bibi said it is un-American for the president of the United States to criticize Israel. 

After all, Bibi said that Americans think people should live where they want, and Israeli citizen Jews and Arabs should be able to buy land once reserved for the Palestinians, no big deal. After all, the Israelis are buying up apartments in the West Bank and new housing is again being built in the West Bank.

Since AIPAC exalted Netanyahu above POTUS, the White House was silent in response.

We have since learned that all of Palestine is fair game for the Israelis, since the Palestinians are not a people and don't exist (Golda Meir). Netanyahu is just following in a long line of Israeli leaders who aren't interested in peace with the Palestinians. And POTUS is surprised they don't want peace? Pretty naive I would say. Or is it an elaborate act on the part of our government to go through this charade?

Turns out that the president's advisors have told Obama that it is better to be infiltrated by Zionists than by Communists. That went over pretty well until Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said that the original Zionists who founded Israel were Communists! So we are being infiltrated by Communists who converted to Crony Capitalism to fit in to the USA way of life!

Where is Congressman McCarthy when you really need him. We know who the neocon Zionists are. It isn't like they are hiding or anything!

McCarthy ran over innocent people and was a jerk, but even he could spot a Zionist these days! He was truly a victim of bad timing. We could wipe out the entire Senate of the United States and send them all to jail, since it appears that they are all Zionists.

And Joe Biden said he was a Zionist and the Washington Post said Rick Perry was a Zionist. It is easy to find them from Cheney down. Heck, even Sarah Palin is a Zionist. How do you all think she got so rich so fast? Obama is a Zionist but would likely change if we could shut the movement down.

Perhaps a few congressman from the House of Representatives aren't Zionists and could get the ball rolling.

But then every time we go after Zionists, the Germans go after all Jews through anti Semitism. We are the gang who cannot shoot straight, for sure. We are always being dragged down by racists! Go away, racists!

But we have the right kind of Patriotism if we stay on message in our opposition to Yinon Zionism. That terrible doctrine sanctions occupation of the Palestinians and regime change wherever the Zionists want including the assassination of JFK! But it isn't American patriotism of any kind.

And that truth stands, no matter what that foreigner, Bibi Netanyahu thinks or will ever think. He is the Keeper of American Patriotism my arse!

Disclaimer: This article contains satire and humor, and while loaded with truth in my opinion, it is up to the reader to verify the claims of the article, which are made in jest and are not necessarily proven fact. Some claims are fiction.


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