CDC Notifies Noam Chomsky, MIT Professor, that He Has Ebulla Virus

The CDC notified the well known MIT professor, Noam Chomsky, that he has been infected with the Ebulla Virus. While not as dangerous as the Ebola Virus, the Ebulla Virus is capable of shrinking and encrusting the brain, while still inside the host human. Animals are not affected.

The CDC noted that Chomsky rightly criticizes Israel for all the bad things they have done, but knows in his heart of hearts that it will lead to no change. The Ebulla Virus causes the host human to inject a bunch of bull into articles and books. That has certainly happened to Chomsky over the years, as he has righteously championed the charade of criticizing Israel while knowing nothing will ever change there.

The Ebulla Virus affects that part of the brain that deals with conspiracy. It is a known fact that Chomsky cannot see conspiracy in hardly anything. He can't see the 9/11 conspiracy, nor can he see the Sandy Hook Hoax. It may be that he cannot see the conspiracy to defraud Americans into thinking there is a peace process.

He can't even see the New World Order conspiracy, IMO, and thinks it is just the rich nations versus the poor.

For Chomsky, Ebulla blindness stops a proper analysis of the destruction of the middle class and the premeditation of it all through the big, yet planned, housing bubble of the last decade.

There is no cure for the Ebulla Virus except in extraordinary instances. Some have tried to box one around the ears, trying to jar the barnacle like substance off the outside crust of brain tissue. That has only worked twice, with Mike Tyson and this author. But, Chomsky won't let anyone get close enough to box his ears. MIT security is just too strong to attempt an intervention.

Other famous individuals have had the Ebulla Virus and it still clings to their brains. One notable infected one is Whoopi Goldberg, who can't be convinced by Rosie O'donnell or even when threatened with a body slam by Jesse Ventura, to believe in the obvious 9/11 conspiracy. It is a shame, really.

Chomsky is the smartest man to ever have had the disease. Not only does the virus affect the ability to spot conspiracy, but it also inflicts what is known as Can't-See-the-Forest-For-the-Trees syndrome.  

After all, Israel Shahak, the translator of the Yinon Zionist writings of Oded Yinon warned that the Israelis were going to dominate the USA. Chomsky has said he knew Shahak for years, and that he never believed that. Well, he wrote it, Prof.

Is Chomsky blinded by the Ebulla Virus into failing to see the Shahak warning? This author believes that could be the case. Yinon Zionism is a peek into Zionism. Chomsky says it didn't impact the regime change doctrine we see today. I don't know how he knows this, but even if true, the doctrine of Zionism is very consistent, and Yinon shows us what the Zionists think.

The question then resonates, Is Chomsky paid by the Zionists to establish an elaborate charade like the government does? That charade, if true, is one that manifests strong negotiations for peace that never bring peace. These negotiations have been going on for almost as long as Chomsky has been calling for peace and for Israel to do the right thing.

Is it all just a charade? I don't think we will be able to find that out until an autopsy is done on Chomsky's brain upon death. He may live to a ripe old age and we hope he does. But if we could prove the CDC wrong about his Ebulla Virus, then we could be certain that Chomsky is engaged in an elaborate charade and probably just keeps the conspiracies he knows happened, to himself. 

Then we would know Chomsky was an insider all along. He won't tell me, even though I have talked to him through email. He just won't come out and say what he really believes when I ask him if he was employed by the Zionists. 

And it isn't like I haven't asked him more than once. Where is Gene Wilder when you need him? I want that brain.

Disclaimer: This article contains satire and humor, and while loaded with truth in my opinion, it is up to the reader to verify the claims of the article, which are made in jest and are not necessarily proven fact. Some claims are fiction.


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