Maria Bartiromo of Fox Business News Receives Prestigious Award

Maria Bartiromo, once famous anchor for CNBC who has labored in relative obscurity as a Fox News pundit still has garnered a prestigious award from the Political Satire Consortium. Bartiromo, who has won the Excellence in Journalism award garnered a financier father in law when she married her husband, Jonathan Steinberg.

Certainly, her journalism is enhanced by this apparent conflict of interest in reporting financial news, as she has become an insider. But that conflict has gone largely unnoticed. However, the new award she received does give a hint of that conflict as she has been named recipient of the Phony-As-a-Three-Dollar-Bill award.

The Political Satire Consortium, well known for seeing through a charade, while making others up, determined that Bartiromo has some sort of false lisp when speaking about financial matters. It isn't actually a lisp, but you know it isn't normal processing of words. Some say it could be a dentalized lisp, but clearly her tongue is in the wrong place in her mouth as she speaks.

She has a sexy tongue, but it just works better when kissing than when reading news, although I confess, I never experienced the kissing part, only in my dreams. I am just kidding about the dreams.

Maria is a beautiful woman, as far as news anchors go. That just makes this tongue misplacement all the more annoying. It literally drives me crazy, or maybe just symbolically.

Word has it that she will accept the award by phone as she is an attention whore and would accept any award, anyplace, anytime.

The well known Bartiromo joined Fox News to get back with the rabid Zionists Roger Ailes has collected, like the well known idiot, Lou Dobbs and financial liars John Stossel and the comatose Don Imus, who may not have real blood in his veins.

The housing bubble was premeditated, but these wonderful people have spent years convincing a gullible US public that it wasn't premeditated and that the government was more at fault than the private bankers. For that service, Bartiromo landed in a banking family. No wonder she is such a phony. She knows it!

Her father-in-law, Saul Steinberg was pretty much a vegetable when Bartiromo married Jonathan in 1999. Saul Steinberg donated a valuable painting to Israel upon his death, which proves, in my opinion, that he didn't put the USA first, as so many New Yorkers fail to do. Saul has donated a lot of money to Wharton Business School, which teaches the elite how to stay elite while screwing everyone else. That does not count as a legitimate American donation, in my view.

Bartiromo is no stranger to controversy, having a relationship in the past with Citibank executive Todd Thompson during the deregulation era of the 90's.

She also trademarked the nickname, money honey, in order to teach young children about money. I have a feeling that she has taught adults a lot of false lessons about money, like who financially screwed us in the past 15 years. But that is just my opinion after watching her on CNBC for years.

I can't find Fox Business on my cable.

Disclaimer: This article contains satire and humor, and while loaded with truth in my opinion, it is up to the reader to verify the claims of the article, which are made in jest and are not necessarily proven fact. Some claims are fiction. 


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