News for the Week Ending 10/10/2014 Russia, Israel, India

Israel brags about how it beat the drought with desalination plants. Of course, with the billions of dollars that the US has given Israel over the years, America could have hundreds of desalination plants. But our government would rather give the money to Israel instead of protecting the interests of the United States of America. And Israel says, "we did it", like they are better managers than the US government. Well, let me tell you something. Israeli sheet stinks just like US sheet. Israel didn't accomplish anything without the help of the USA and without the dollars from big finance the world over.

Leon Pinata,  who used to be in the Obama administration, says the US should have bombed the crap out of Syria. Of course, now we need Syria as an ally to help destroy ISIS. But Pinata, who needs to be beaten with a stick on someone's birthday (just a play on words), talks the New World Order talk. Turns out, Pinata, or is it Panetta, invested some money, according to, between 15,000 dollars and 50,000 dollars in Genie Energy, which stands to gain oil reserves if Syria falls apart. After all, that oil is in the Golan Heights. Panetta may have a conflict of interest in pushing to bomb Syria. What a cyst on the ass of US humanity, this Panetta is!

Rick Perry, who once wanted to secede from the USA as governor of Texas, leaned on the Federal Government for Ebola help. He is just another Zionist liar. His Zionism has been confirmed by the Washington Post. Can we say together: "Hypocrite"? Unfortunately, the black ebola patient passed away, not having access to the vaccine that saved the two white doctors in other states. Way to go Texas. And you Zionists want to rule the world" Gag me with a spoon. (That is valley talk for you young people. You can look it up as it was from the last century.)

A Texas man was booted from Nazi Airlines for tweeting that his flight attendant was ugly. He was given thirty lashes at the terminal, and told he could only fly on Fascist Sky Airlines and only if he deleted his twitter account.

Soda Stream, the company that says it is in Israel but produces its product in Palestinian territory, was down on rumors that BDS is taking hold, as well as because increased competition is on the way. Also, if there is a takeover proposal, it could require crossing the streams, a very dangerous business model as we learned all too well from Ghostbusters.

Jaimie Dimon is doing better after apparently getting poon*** cancer based on reports. He will likely be back to his arrogant self soon. He wants to make the government liable for bailouts of the banks and limit bailins of accounts in the next meltdown. That is wrong, just wrong.

The Stock Market is tanking because the big boys are taking profits. They are screwing mom and pop who just got back into the market. This behavior was predicted, by the way.

Three Quarters of all Russians view America as a hostile state. I have been saying that for a long time. They finally listened.

Russia offers India a stake in two Siberian oil fields. At first, India considered the United States and then realized that foreign aid was cut massively by the Republicans for the year 2012. India looks forward to helping the India/China/Russia block become stronger as everyone hates the United States because of Israel, and thanks to the Neocons and Strictly Dickley Cheney who massage Netanyahu's back when he comes to the USA. 

Wikipedia lists the nations that receive foreign aid from the United States. Israel is left off the list, when even Palestine, home of the Palestinians, is included. Perhaps this is because Wikipedia thinks that Israel is not a foreign nation. We know Israel thinks it is American. Israel thinks it runs America and that could be true. Not sure though what Wiki thinks on the issue, since they don't always control the content. However, we know that sometimes, Wiki stinks.

A poor misguided individual came on CNBC and indicated that young people would be willing to swallow a pill that had a computer in it. But it appears that more people (investors) are willing to swallow a whole lot of gullibility.


Disclaimer: This article contains satire and humor, and while loaded with truth in my opinion, it is up to the reader to verify the claims of the article, which are made in jest and are not necessarily proven fact. Some claims are fiction. 


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