News for Week Ending 10/17/2014 Putin, Ebola, Oil

Putin warned the US that Russia is a nuclear power and that economic warfare could result in destabilization. What he really was thinking was that he would bomb the crap out of Saudi Arabia if this warfare didn't stop. He warned the US on 10/15/2014. On 10/16/2014 the price of West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil went from under 80 dollars to over 82 dollars per barrel. We know the oil market is cornered by the investment banks. Did they get orders from Obama to stabilize oil prices? That is a dead serious question that needs to be asked.

We have found out by common sense that the US jacked up oil prices for years to trap Russia. But then our own people have had to pay more for gasoline than they should have paid. This is a bad plan that is Neocon/Zionist based. Zionists are the multiracial cabal that controls the oil market and American misguided foreign policy.

The Republicans and Larry Kudlow called for Ebola based travel restrictions out of the state of Texas. Rick Perry threatened to kick Kudlow's  sorry old arse for even thinking that way. Perry also called for an Ebola Czar, butting up against Republican hatred of czars.

Kudlow responded by making more news, saying that he thought oil should go down to 3 dollars per barrel so that we could get into a nuclear war with Russia. Kudlow smells blood, his own. I don't think he likes Texas much either, but who does?

Americans need cheaper oil prices, yet doing so merely to destroy Russia will have a very bad result. The US didn't care about high oil prices to lure Russia into the trap while we suffered at the pump for all these years. We as Americans need to understand that our leaders are as much our enemy as Putin could ever be. Our leaders attacked us with inflated oil prices and want the destruction of Russia, which is a very dangerous play.

Vix volatility has had many pundits on CNBC calling for protection. Condom use is likely to explode. You can't have too much protection when the Vix is rising. I am reminded by the song by the Doors, Mr. Vix is Risin'. On a serious note, the Vix rising shows lots of margin calls and people possibly being washed out of their margin positions by the insiders. There is nothing more pitiful on Wall Street than a hedge fund that is not an insider.

Obama and Cheney have unprecedented press conference outlining the neocon plan for world domination. It is covered in this author's article on this blog entitled: Obama and Cheney Have Unprecedented joint Press Conference: Is World On the Brink?

Yves Smith of Naked Capitalism slandered former contributor to Business Insider, Gary Anderson, by saying Anderson's anti Zionism was anti Semitism. Wait, that's me. Well fook you, Yves or whatever your real name is. You know, Yves, that I showed you the Yinon Zionism plan, and you know that is what is behind American foreign policy as regime change is going as that plan projected. So, don't call me an anti Semite when I showed you exactly how evil Zionism was. You should be ashamed of yourself, Yves.

Yves was slated to receive the Anderson Award for astute understanding of the housing bubble, but if he/she can't be located or real name not revealed, that award will not be so awarded. Eat your heart out, Smitty.

Obama names new Ebulla Czar. Ebulla is a disease that is not like Ebola. Ebulla affects the brain, rendering the victims unable to see conspiracies. Noam Chomsky and others have this disease and there are rarely any victims saved from the effects. The new Czar is Bristol Palin. 

Disclaimer for the first news item:. Putin did warn Russia and I don't know if he was thinking about blowing up Saudi Arabia. That was a little satirical exaggeration.

 Disclaimer: This article contains satire and humor, and while loaded with truth in my opinion, it is up to the reader to verify the claims of the article, which are made in jest and are not necessarily proven fact. Some claims are fiction. 


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