News for the Week Ending 10/24/2014 Yellen, Krugman, New York City

So, Janet Yellen, chairwoman of the Federal Reserve Bank, donated a rat's ass to her local food shelter in Washington DC to prove that she gives a rat's ass about the poor in America. Yellen claims she is concerned about the wealth disparity in the USA, but low interest rates that she engineers, results in less interest going to savers and less lending on the part of mortgage lenders. She is the cause, along with her predecessors, of this wealth disparity.

Fox News Pundits have confessed that they are not qualified to vote. They admitted yesterday that they lie so much that they have no clue what really to believe. With that confusion, they admitted people should not go to the polls. They admitted that young women are not so confused and therefore should vote.

Paul Krugman has proven he is a disgusting New World Order globalist in defending the Hatchette Job book publishers against Turns out the Hatchette Job wants to keep the price of ebooks high so that their paperback books will continue to sell. That gives the New World Order publishers control over books. Once the paperback business is destroyed by ebooks, that control and the control of ideas will be limited. Krugman did a Hatchette Job on Amazon and is a vile little man.

It was reported that ebook sales are down but paperback book sales are up. Unfortunately, the poll is impossibly and completely inaccurate because many Amazon ebooks do not have an ISBN number that the pollsters used to track their information. New World Order deception? Probably.

The World Trade Organization says Americans are eating meat from God knows where. Turns out the US is deficient in labeling which nation the meat it sells comes from. Isn't that a stupid way! So Mexico and Canada may ban American meat. Americans should demand  to know where the meat comes from and stop this secrecy. Ban the NSA too.

New York City has been designated a Pro Foreign Nation Domestic City, or a PFNDC or the Acronym Pofynedesee. That means NYC has been seen as being basically unpatriotic, owing allegiance to the New World Order and possibly even Israel over allegiance to the United States of America. This designation is similar to children getting the fictional disease called Cooties. NYC has the Cooties and you just don't want to go there, even if the disease is fictional. It is a mental issue, getting past the Cooties. Yuck. People are advised to vacation elsewhere, where the Cooties are much less prevalent.

Hungarian travelers are banned from coming into the USA because our government thinks they are against central banks. Our government apparently does not understand that our central bank made the gap between the rich and poor in the USA much worse. Or maybe our government is cool with that.

Fannie and Freddie want to make a few crap loans to less than perfect borrowers. 3 percent down loans are not good loans. But obviously the NWO wants more money coming into government coffers what with the spat we now have with Russia.

News Max has announced that it loves the Palestinians and hates Israel. News Max, once a staunch supporter of Israel, has just decided that it has corrupted its own sense of conscience enough already. Newsmax owner, Chris Ruddy, started reading World Net Daily, a similar trashy right wing publication, and was nauseated by it. That motivated the 180 degree turnaround.

Simon and Schuster, greedy pigs who publish books, will continue to overcharge for ebooks on Amazon, although they may be a wee bit cheaper. That way they will continue to get people to buy paperback books, with which the big publishers will continue to control the publishing market. Ebooks cost little to make, which is why Amazon wanted cheaper ebooks but had to compromise with the greedy pigs.

The Propaganda assault on America continues with more featuring of the military before seemingly every sporting event in our once great United States. Unfortunately,  the wars fought by our military are far from noble these days. 

John McCain, the champion of idiots, has said if the Republican Party wins the senate he will seek troops in Syria, possibly igniting WW3. And the immorality of having two sides in Syria fighting each other with women and children being killed while we extend that war is just disgusting. Israel wants Syria broken up but the US should reconsider that Zionist madness and seek Arab unity for the stability of the region. The Zionists don't want any stability of the region. 

Professional golfers, who normally gush all over each other about how great they are and what character they have, have resorted to calling each other "lil girl". That is really how they think of each other in private, but the comment from the PGA President to Ian Poulter made its way to Twitter. Fooking Twitter. And turns out, the PGA President was fired, because if he was going to call Poulter anything, it should have been "lil boy", since Poulter is a guy, so.

Barack Obama says that blacks and Jews are on the same page. What he really meant to say was that blacks are oppressed by Zionists (Zionism being a political movement many Jews hate), and that he was a facilitator in that oppression. 

Disclaimer: This article contains satire and humor, and while loaded with truth in my opinion, it is up to the reader to verify the claims of the article, which are made in jest and are not necessarily proven fact. Some claims are fiction.


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