Obama and Cheney Have Unprecedented Joint Press Conference: Is World On the Brink?

President Barack Obama and Shadow President-in-Waiting Richard Cheney held an unprecedented joint press conference today in order to discuss strategic changes now being made in foreign policy and defense.  (Be sure to read all disclaimers to this report before panicking.*)

Obama and Cheney both emphasized that the goal of the United States government is to dismantle Russia just like we dismantled the Soviet Union. The plan is to drive oil back down to $10 dollars per barrel like it was in the late 1980's. When Russia becomes demoralized, after cutting Europe off of natural gas to keep warm for the winter, we will not come to the aid of Europe in any way, asking the Eurozone to just hold on and huddle together until Russia is completely destroyed.

Larry Kudlow said this is what Reagan did to destroy the Soviet Union and that we should be even more hostile to Russia since we are on the brink of taking over the world, according to neocon principles. Once Russia capitulates, then China will have to roll over as well.

Larry Eagleburger, neocon pundit who passed away in 2011, had said on the now defunct Kudlow report that nukes would be exchanged between Russia and the United States. That seemed ok with Kudlow. The author had the good timing to actually watch the interview for himself.

Obama and Cheney were confident that if Putin carried through with his warnings that we could actually win a nuclear war with Russia. We would lose 4/5th our cities, but Russia would lose all of its cities. No mention was made about potential fallout and whether radiation would kill the rest of us. The author thinks that they (the government of the United States and their Zionist cronies) have enough protective suits to survive a nuclear winter, or so they think. 

It is certain that the government has adopted the Republican view that prosperity is self made, and that roads, bridges, airports and other infrastructure has nothing to do with prosperity for those who will be given the protective suits.

One stunned journalist asked Cheney if the high oil price achieved over the past 15+ years was excessive in order to trap Russia and Iran and other nations into spending too much on social programs. Cheney snickered and said that he took pleasure in gouging the American people over the years since they are mostly going to die anyway.

Other journalists shouted outrage but were physically forced from the press conference. It was a chaotic scene.

Kudlow was overjoyed at this policy move, saying that our nation is banking on the idea that Putin will lack nerve to use nuclear weapons. When asked about the Eagleburger interview he simply stated that the elite Zionist cabal has already been given protective suits and will be in the air away from the cities if the nukes start flying. But he has assessed Putin and thinks he doesn't have the nerve.

On that reassuring note, the press conference was ended and Cheney could be seen hugging Obama.

Several ejected journalists could be seen puking their guts out on the White House lawn. Those journalists who stayed were mesmerized by a Rasputin type character into a calm state, being convinced that Putin would not have the nerve to really use nukes once all his other options for the survival of Russia had been exhausted.

*Please read the disclaimer before any of you pass out.  Certainly, the logic of the neocons is this confrontation with Putin. One hopes they are all just big talkers because Putin could be driven to use nukes and no one should ever, ever discount that possibility or think we would win a first strike attack.

This author truly believes it is time for all of us to speak out against the neocons and drive them from office before it is too late. 

Disclaimer: This article contains satire and humor, and while loaded with truth in my opinion, it is up to the reader to verify the claims of the article, which are made in jest and are not necessarily proven fact. Some claims are fiction. 


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