Republican John Boehner Awarded a Prestigious Award for His Ebola Work-Betrays Texas

Republican John Boehner has been awarded a prestigious award for his work on the Ebola scare. Mr Boehner will travel to Las Vegas to receive the award at Bonnie Springs Ranch. He elected to receive the award there because he is scared out of his wits about Ebola and you can't get much further away from the virus than Bonnie Springs Ranch.

As speaker of the house, Boehner has received other awards for his uselessness. He is without question one of the most unproductive politicians in the history of the world and he deserves awards for that inaction.

But his Ebola award is aptly named the Pussy Scared-e-Cat Award. There is no bigger Scaredy Cat than Boehner. He has the entire American population scared and he thinks that is the greatest thing he has done for America. 

The first American to receive the Pussy Scared-e-Cat Award was Condi Rice, who frightened America into an illegal war against Iraq, claiming there were mushroom clouds coming from Saddam Hussein to the United States. And we believed her, because we were pussies too.

But some of us are on to the Republicans now. We know their MO, to scare the crap out of Americans for political gain.They even scare themselves because they repeat the lies over and over and eventually believe them.

Most white Americans are still believers in the Republican Way and remain pussies. Yet, while they remain fearful, they want to follow the Republicans into their attempts at world domination. I really don't get the schizophrenia.

With the Republicans it is, be scared and lash out. They were all abused as children in school. You can't look at Lindsey Graham for example, and think that guy was not abused by classmates. He is getting revenge for all that fear place upon him. He is a tough talking pussy.

The brave thing to do is be less fearful and make more peace in the world. That is the real hero way.

But I digress. Regarding Ebola, if we have to ban travel from this or that nation then we would have to consider banning travel from Texas, as that is the first state that had unlawful travel from inside its borders. I personally would like to seal the border of Texas permanently, but of course that would not be nice. I want to be nice to Texas, I really do.

It turns out that thanks to people like Boehner and fear mongering that they peddle, a teacher from Maine was placed on three weeks paid leave just because she visited Texas! It was reported by Yahoo, and that is crazy fear. Boehner and the Republicans threw their own Republican state under the bus! 

Turns out that it just isn't that easy to contract Ebola!

Clearly, had the Republicans not cut the CDC budget by such a large amount, the CDC presumably would have been more organized regarding Ebola and other health hazards facing America. 

Bonnie Springs Ranch is a really cool little watering hole and western resort on the outskirts of Las Vegas. Whether you go their to watch Boehner receive his award or just to visit and have a great hot buttered rum in the bar, yum, and watch the animals, you will like the place.

If you are allergic to smoke, you may want to stay away from Boehner, who is laced with a smoky mist that follows him from place to place.

As far as conspiracy is concerned, we will be looking at how Ebola will make its way or not, to other poor nations that don't have the means to handle the virus like advanced nations do. Stay tuned. 

While this article is not politically correct, and I am for racial equality under the law, at least I tried to award the Pussy Scared-e-Cat award to both a man and a woman. I view both recipients with the highest disdain, and pussy seemed like the right word to attach to both of them. It could be a guy thing.

Disclaimer: This article contains satire and humor, and while loaded with truth in my opinion, it is up to the reader to verify the claims of the article, which are made in jest and are not necessarily proven fact. Some claims are fiction.


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